Can anyone be a medium?

Can you all have mediumistic ability?

Simple answer, yes. Yes of course. After all, you already know that you are exactly the same atoms and stardust of the universe. You are made of the same thing as the chair you sit at, the table you write at. The same atoms and energy as the person next to you and those who reside spirit side. So therefore, you must have the ability to communicate on varying levels with energy, that is the same as you.

Speaking of the ‘spiritworld’
You understand that the only reason you call it ‘up there’ or ‘in spirit’ or ‘the other side’ is because you need something comparable, but different to living in a physical body right? 

There is actually massive differences but also massive similarities too. Without your body you are universal energy just as anyone else. But let me try putting it this way. Without a body to hold you down via gravity and mass, you are literally lighter. Lighter energy. Beings of light energy. You have no mass to keep you housed in and grounded. Thus you are quite correct in that we who are energy on the spirit side, vibrate at a higher frequency. We have no dense object to vibrate through, so it of course, makes sense that we are of a higher vibration.

That’s not the only reason we vibrate at a higher level but that’s for another day.

So. The simple answer was that, yes, you all have the ability to communicate to spirit. Or to perform mediumship as you have labelled it.

However, are you all supposed to be able to do it? That’s a very different question you see!

Just because you are all able, doesn’t mean you are all supposed to.

Each person has a mapped out plan. The basics of what they chose to experience on this rotation. Each of those plans is important! Vitally important to the mass experience of the universe.

Another thing I want to clear up.
Service to spirit.

Service to spirit is in essence, service to your own highest good and own highest experience.

We don’t wish you to give up all worldly experience, in favour of martyrdom ‘in our name’ why would we want that? We wish only, for you to experience living a physical life as rich and worldly and amazing as you can manage!!

Because that, is the point. Experience and growth of the universal experience. It is through you that the universe can experience. Through each different life. So if everyone could do exactly the same as the next, where would be the experience.

Some people will have the ability to see and hear those in spirit from a young age and will grow on that experience. Some will have that same experience and choose to lock it away, for when they are better able to grow from it. Some will experience spirit only after a life changing experience. Some will never experience connecting to spirit themselves. Why? Because that is what each of them chose!

Spirit do not sit ‘up here’ deciding who to give various gifts to and who not to allow that experience to. We are not an overseeing judge, jury and executioner.

At some point each for you needs to stop looking to some higher being to blame and realise that the only person leading your life experiences is the person looking back at you in the mirror. Actually, that’s not quite true. It’s the spirit and soul inside of that person in the mirror.

So. Can everyone connect to spirit mediumistically? Yes. Is it within each persons life map to be able to use that ability? No.

Some will be healers, some writers, some painters. Some will be poor, some rich. None of these factors are deciders in who can connect and who can’t. It’s not a case of ‘can’t’. It’s a case of ‘chose not to’

Some people may decide to learn mediumship and work very hard and never manage to achieve more than a few small interactions. Does that make them a bad medium? No. It means that they are exactly where they chose to be in this life. Ego comes into play as always. They still achieved more than if they had not tried!!

They still grew from experiences. They added to the value and growth of the universe, they just weren’t meant to be a medium in this life. It’s not what they chose and by trying, they come closer to what they should be doing, providing they can let go of the ego that tells them they have failed.

So if you want to learn to be a medium, it starts with trying. It starts with working on it.

But before working on knowing others energies, you must learn to know YOUR OWN. Cultivate a loving relationship with the SELF. Cultivate a knowing relationship, with the one spirit energy that you must know best, first of all. You. Look to your self for your answers. Gain a good working relationship with your own soul. Seek validation within.

I feel I may have wandered off course, of your original question, however we like to do that don’t we?

My love as always
The many you’s, you are inside.

Nici Gorman


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