1 of 31 days of gratitude

(It’s only 9am and already so much to be grateful for!! ❤❤)

1. I am so grateful for the fresh fruit I was able to bring to the table this morning for breakfast. It’s my daughters 9th birthday, and her beautiful soul wanted lots of fresh fruit and pastries for her birthday breakfast. Such vibrant colour and taste!!

How amazing that we have this available to us with such ease and something we often forget! I took my time to embrace that this morning and every bite tasted so much more full of flavour and goodness. Juicy melon and sweet mango, crisp blueberries and tangy grapes and pineapple washed down with refreshing orange juice. This morning we ate like kings. Thankyou Maddy for suggesting it! ❤❤❤

Such a simple thing. Fruit. But one that not everyone enjoys with the gratitude that it deserves. Thank you mother earth for providing all that we could need and more. Abundance is high in this house today!

2. The Joy of watching my daughter unwrap her carefully chosen gifts. Not toys or technology but clothing and books and facepaint’s! How her light lit up seeing her facepainting kit!! My heart overflows seeing those I love, happy and grateful for any and all they receive. I am very blessed to have such happy children who are grateful for everything and take very little for granted in the grand scheme of life. The only thing they do take for granted is how they are loved and cared for and secure. Seeing her punch the air when she unwrapped her camisoles and leggings for her aerial silks classes. Simple things but grateful for them!!

3. This one is from a few days ago but came to fruition this morning. I had been looking at books on the internet that were about foxes, as my daughter loves them!

One book in particular caught my eye and I thought I need to feel that in person. It looked stunningly beautiful!! Having been unwell I hadn’t had a chance. On Saturday I had a picture message come through on my phone. My sister had looked at the very Same book in the bookshop and got it for my daughter as it is such a special kind of book! She asked if I would like it to give Maddy. How perfect is that!! (Forgot to give you the money for that  yesterday Tracy lol!!)


How synchronistic that my sister picked up the very book I hadn’t had a chance to go and get myself. That is abundance right there!!

Gratitude for the small things can change your attitude in all things! ❤❤❤❤

Nici Gorman


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