3 of 31 days of gratitude


It’s been a funny old day today. The energy here has been quite tense! And now I understand why.

1. Today I am grateful for my faith. It can be really hard to keep the faith when problems feel like they are coming at you, left, right and centre. However, thanks to some very supportive friends and family, I managed it.

My husband lost his job several weeks ago and despite constant phone calls, agencies putting him forward for jobs, interviews and constant searching, he has struggled to secure work.

Thankfully, after an interview on Tuesday, today he was offered the job!! It’s been a worrying time but I have tried really hard to keep myself present and not panic. Not easy with a large family to care for.

2. One of the reasons I decided to re solidify my practice of gratitude was that I had begun to feel disheartened. I am a positive person and a grateful person, but felt that I had lost my mojo a little, in seeing the kindness and beauty around me in so many moments. Today, I am thankful for people’s kindness. The small things that may not seem like much to the person, but mean the world to another. ❤

3. Leading on from kindness, I had another abundance moment today!! I received a message late last night from a friend. He is working on a type of therapy and knows I suffer from a chronic illness so wanted to ask if I would volunteer to be a case study for his work. We spoke today on the phone and it sounds so interesting and ties in beautifully with several things, it’s almost as if the universe has aligned, to help this happen. This is absolutely amazing!! The work he is doing is EXACTLY the type of therapy I have been looking for to help further my healing work on myself. Nothing is guaranteed, but I am open and ready for this. I am so grateful that he thought of me and looking forward to working together on this. ❤

Isn’t it funny how so many wonderful things have started to align, as soon as I’ve begun to develop a more conscious practice of gratitude for everything, instead of just the bigger, more obvious things. ❤

Gratitude for the small things can change your attitude in all things!! ❤❤❤

Nici Gorman


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