5 of 31 days of Gratitude.


1. I Had the opportunity to attend a workshop today. I do so love these days and the chance to learn and develop further! Spending the day with like minded friends, old and new. 🙂

Unfortunately I woke feeling rather unwell, but didn’t want to miss it so shook it off as best I could and off I went. I tried desperately to get into it, but by lunchtime I had to admit defeat and surrender to how poorly I really felt and ask my husband to come and collect me.

Regardless of this I still feel really blessed. Blessed to have had a new experience of how I feel in myself when I’m really unwell and try to work.

That knowledge will help me massively in better managing myself and not spreading myself so thin. Today reminded me of a blog I read recently. How you are not doing spirit any service, when in disservice to yourself and your health.

I couldn’t connect at all today. Absolute radio silence, other than my guide sending me a beautiful green bubble of healing energy to sit in. I should have listened when he sent that. But thankfully, I will know to, in future. 😉

Sometimes lessons are difficult and emotional. I felt awful for not linking with spirit and as though I was letting myself down. But Actually? I’ve no reason to feel that way. I am a good medium and I have a wonderful connection to spirit. But not when I am unwell and not when I am ignoring my own physical needs.

How blessed to have gotten the opportunity to learn that today. ❤

2. Friends. Where would we be without them. I’m so lucky to have a great group of friends, some from my more spiritual side of life and some outside of it. Today I received the most lovely hugs from beautiful friends. A friend called Dodge gave me some healing while we had a coffee break and I’ve received get well soon messages since being home too. How gorgeous is that!! It may not seem like much but it is enough to make me well up today. There is so much love and support from our friendships with others and it is always something to be grateful for and humbled by! ❤

3. Right now I am massively thankful for heating and my home! Again something many of us take for granted.

I am reminded of those outside, in this cold snap, without a home or shelter and I feel extremely thankful to have more than enough for me, a roof over my head? safe shelter? Running water and a warm bathroom? To be able to absent mindedly click my heating on? How massively rich we are, with these luxuries we now see as the norm. Prayers for those on the streets of our cities. May they find shelter and warmth and safety once again. ❤

Gratitude for the small things can change your attitude in all things ❤❤❤

Nici Gorman


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