6 of 31 days of Gratitude.

Happy Mothers day to all of us celebrating in the UK today!! I’m feeling very blessed to have spent today with my children and also my friends children. ❤

1. This morning I had the beautiful opportunity to do some work with a friend of mine. It’s like a breath of fresh air chatting with her and feeling her passion through her words. She is just one of those people you connect with soul to soul and I am so very blessed to have her in my life. I had the pleasure of her hypnotising me today, what an experience! I’ve already felt a change in perspective within and a detachment that is slowly growing! It’s really quite fascinating!! Feeling very thankful for opportunities I get to experience thanks to connections with others and their own paths!! How wonderful! ❤

2. My beautiful children chose cards and gifts for mothers day, while I was off being hypnotised and wrote in the cards with such gorgeous handwriting! It never fails to amaze me how intuitive these little people are. My daughter chose a keyring for me shaped like a turtle. She didn’t know until afterwards, that turtle is an animal within my totem 🙂 and my son chose a third eye!! Both the key rings chosen were chosen for a specific reason. To them, it looked as though you could open the back and place crystals inside! They were mistaken but the thought behind their choices?? Just beautiful! They know their mumma well!!


My eldest son gave me the best gift when he arrived home from his dad’s though. A massive smile & a warm hug. He is not a cuddly boy so this was a beautiful loving moment, that I have kept a snapshot of in my heart. ❤

3. My partner in crime had some work to do today and so I offered to look after her boys. It’s a big thing for her to leave them and I am blessed she has that trust in me!

They have been just lovely. Her eldest has had beautiful chats with my husband and hes tried foods he doesn’t normally try! And as much as mum may not believe this, His manners have been impeccable 😉 Her youngest is quite an anxious boy, but he has been calm and settled all day! Listening and enjoying playing with his friends & giggling away! I’m so so pleased that they have enjoyed their day with us and hope Nat has relaxed while at work.
Trust is a big thing and I am full of gratitude for that trust put in me today. ❤

Gratitude for the small things can change your attitude in all things! ❤❤❤

Nici Gorman


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