The you, you don’t always want to hear.

So what was yesterday really about then?

Do you mean the beautiful green healing light you were flooded with? That was healing.

Ha yes- I guessed that, and thank you! but no, I mean the telephone line being utterly severed to the point of there not even being a dialing tone.

Oh that. I thought you already worked out what that was? I know you knew what it was, the minute it happened. It was another experience to add to the mix. Just as with every experience. Some experience is viewed by you as good, some bad. But it’s always the ‘bad’ ones that you grow from the most!! 

We don’t decide to ‘teach you a lesson’ We don’t work that way. We literally cannot work that way, as that is not from a place of love. Teaching someone a lesson for their own good is a very human thing. It’s a way of justifying the ego mind. It makes being mean to someone acceptable to the fragile ego self. Also believing that someone was ‘teaching you a lesson’ whether that’s us or someone else, takes away your need to be responsible for yourself. It makes it easier to stroke that ego and say ‘I had no say in this, someone else did it’

No someone else did not do it. You did. You felt Ill and then you ignored it. Why did you ignore it? For fear of missing out. You based something on fear and lowered yourself to a point that you couldn’t feel much other than very physical yucky low energy.

Thanks Sila, I definitely get the tactless side from you…

Not tactless. To the point. Precise. If you didn’t want a precise, and to the point answer you would have asked someone else. I digress. Considering how much work you’ve been doing in the past year on illness, vibrations, pain and suffering, you’d think that you would be the perfect example of listening to your body and your intuition. Note I say YOU would think. I am not the one judging here. YOU are. again look at the words.

You. Perfect. Fear.

Until we experience we cannot fully understand. Until we understand, we cannot begin to expand further and grow. You decided to push yourself too far yesterday. You knew it when the alarm wouldn’t wake you. You knew it when your contact lenses wouldn’t go in your eyes. You knew it on that limpy walk to the bus stop.

But your stubborn streak and ego based fear kicked in. This is why it seems to keep happening more now. It’s not because you aren’t growing, it’s because you are. These things arent happening more- You just notice more now. You are more in tune. You are aware of your ego and your stubbornness. You are within your power and in control of your power more and more.

With great power comes great responsibility. Yes I see you smirking at that one. But it’s true.

However the responsibility lies within you. With your own great power comes the personal responsibility to behave in a way in keeping with your own beliefs, own self, own actions and acceptance of those actions.

No one made you go yesterday. Only you. No one stopped you connecting yesterday. Only you. Accept responsibility for yourself. Your health, your emotions, your path.

We love you. Every single beautiful imperfect molecule. It’s what makes you amazing and miraculous. It’s you who needs to work on the love. Loving yourself enough to be responsible for you. Say no to yourself more.

Abundance isn’t about what you can get. It’s the by product of accepting everything you already are.

An infinite being of the universe. As much me as I am you. How did we get so full of wisdom? Experience.

Love as always,
The you, you don’t always want to hear.
S x

Nici Gorman


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