7 of 31 days of gratitude

I honestly thought I had written this yesterday but apparently I forgot! Apologies, my brain doesn’t always keep up with me.

1. Gratitude yesterday for being able to sit and watch the sun rise. Sitting snug and warm in my fluffy dressing gown, I breathed in the frosty, cold air and watched as sunlight began to flood the earth, filling all available space with light energy. The birds began to sing and I was blessed to get to watch several birds chattering away to each other, two of which seemed to be having a heated debate haha! What a Perfect start to the day. ❤

2. Gratitude for support. Support comes in many forms and I have been blessed to feel supported both online and in person today. Reaching out to other parents who understand, how hard days can be, when your child is having difficulty coping. Knowing you can be raw and honest and emotional in a support group & those other parents will listen, not judge, not suggest solutions, but just let you know that they hear you, understand and support you. It’s a beautiful thing indeed to have that available.

Also support in person. My partner In crime came for a visit to drink tea and put the world to rights. It’s a powerful thing to have women who build each other up and support each other. Embracing our feminine energy as being the very soul of us in this incarnation. Accepting and embracing this energy as being the strength and beauty within and being able to share that with another like minded friend is a stunning blessing. ❤

3. Gratitude for time spent with my eldest child. He’s a teenager now, but I love how he enjoys nothing more than to sit and watch a film with mum sometimes. I don’t know how long that will last, so I embrace and breathe in every opportunity he offers!

We watched a completely hilarious and inappropriate film about zombies and we were in tears of laughter all the way through. So much joy in such silly things!

I am also extremely blessed that he knows I will embrace this instead of telling him no. I would rather he watched with me and asked anything he needed to know, than to do so in secret. Boys will be boys and I am so honoured that he is happy to watch slightly ‘adult’ things in my presence, trusting I will happily chat if he needs to. Teenagers will look at and watch things, we feel they ‘shouldn’t’ whether we agree or not. They are exploring and growing with new hormones and feelings and Im just glad we have that trust. He doesn’t tell me everything I’m sure! But he shares a lot and that’s beautiful. ❤

Gratitude for the small things can change your attitude in all things! ❤❤❤

Nici Gorman


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