8 of 31 days of gratitude

How are you all getting on with your gratitude challenge? Are you feeling more able to find that joy?

It’s amazing what a little conscious gratitude for the small things can do. I’ve been becoming increasingly ill over several weeks now, but I’m not feeling the usual grump about it, or rather, those grumpy moments are not descended into feelings of self loathing, bitterness or anger.

I’m becoming more and more accepting of my life as it is, within every moment. I don’t mean to suggest I am accepting I am ill, but instead, I accept that it is my responsibility for how I choose to view these things.

I choose to embrace and I choose to know that this is temporary, as with everything. Many of the illness and aches and pain I am currently experiencing, are totally linked into the work I am doing on myself right now and again, I accept that it needs to come out and I need to flow with this personal journey.

I’m so grateful to be able to cultivate more of this self loving attitude and honestly, it’s a beautiful experience even with the higher pain and temporary suffering. It took a lot of ego bashing my true self, to end up as I am, so it takes a lot of work to get back to a true place of the heart and loving joy.

It’s not an easy journey, but it’s needed and it is evolving deeper and deeper as time goes on.

I’ve found that I am ready to return to respecting my body now. I am ready to return to my yoga practice. Ready to commit to eating, how I intuitively know I need to be, to feel good. I’m ready to stop giving myself excuses of ‘tomorrow’ or ‘once that has healed’ because actually, you will either find opportunity or obstacle- Your mind set will choose which.

I am aware of why I am having sciatic issues this week. I am honing in on any issues relating to my self worth, financial concerns and self image. I’m stripping that stuff down and releasing it. I don’t need it anymore. I never needed it. I am grounding my energy and re energising that root of all that I am.

That yucky stuff will always come out somehow, but you can choose to be mindful of issues and deal with them straight away, instead of allowing them to fester into a physical ailment.

It’s a weakness of mine, to allow issues to fester, or to decide to deal with it ‘later’ but all of the tools that I now have within my remit, allow me to work on that and check into that self healing.

So I guess my feelings of gratitude Today, relate around learning, sharing, feeling and experiencing.

I have a wonderful friend called Christopher Bryne who is so adept at helping people understand what is going on with them. He has a simple, straight forward, no fluff approach and I for one love him for that. Do check out his videos on YouTube, he really helps more than he knows sometimes.

Just watching 3 or 4 videos of his today, has helped to confirm and solidify everything I already knew was going on and what is needed.

The link, will take you to Chris’s channel. I highly recommend you subscribe!

Christopher Bryne

Nici Gorman


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