What people think of you….


What people think of you, is none of your business.

Let’s allow that to sink in for a moment. It’s none of your business what other people think of you.

Actually, is it anything to do with you? It’s a lot deeper than it seems.

Your actions, words and deeds are your legacy. But how true you are to yourselves and thus how confident you can be in your actions, words and deeds, is fundamental in this quote.

If you are authentically you, without apology, you have nothing to concern yourself with, in relation to others opinions. But how many of you are authentically you?

How many of you can honestly say that you wear no masks? That you are truly and absolutely you- to the core. Or do you sometimes, dampen your light to save yourself from others opinions.

Thing is, you cannot change or control how someone else views you as a person. You cannot decide what their perspective of you will be. But you can influence that opinion.

When you are the best version of you in all that you do, you will attract those people who are authentic too. You will attract those who wish to become more authentic and true to themselves. You will attract those who admire your fearless, wild, beautiful energy.

To be admired is not a goal, but to know that within that Admiration, you may just inspire others to be brave enough to shed their masks and falsified versions, to become more themselves in areas of their own life, that’s beautiful.

But does any of it matter? Is it any of ‘your business’

It is, but the closer you come to your true authentic self, the less you actually care about others opinions. You begin to let go of the need to be a crowd pleaser. You let go of the attachment that you want everyone to like you. You detach from the outcome and you just flow with being you. If someone likes the you, you are excellent. If someone doesn’t resonate with that, that’s fine too!

Often, you tend to become obsessed with other people’s opinions of you,  when you know deep down, that you aren’t reflecting your true unique self into the world. You feel it in the pit of your stomach as self loathing, lack of worth, ego, speaking un lovingly of yourself. If you cannot hold a high opinion of yourself, how can others?!

It all comes down to you. The more you open to your unique and beautiful soul, the more you shine and dust away at anything that dampens that shine, the more you embrace what makes you, authentically you- the less time you have for other people’s opinions (which in reality are actually your own opinions made physical) and the less you are mirroring those opinions out to be seen in others.

Be the little firefly you were created to be and watch how you begin to care a lot less, about what people think of you.

Not because you are egotistical, not because others opinions dont matter, but instead because you are awakened, free and know you are walking through life becoming the best version of you without apology.

So, going back to the original quote.

What people think of you IS none of your business, but what YOU think of you, is a direct influencer in how people view you. It’s shouldn’t matter, and it won’t matter- the more you shed those false versions of yourself.

Nici Gorman


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