12 of 31 days of gratitude

As I write this I am surrounded by family. And that is true abundance right there. ❤

I can hear my step sons laughing while their dad shows them the video of Phil Collins ‘in the air tonight’ with the drumming gorilla? Yeah that one!!

It’s freezing cold outside, but the air has a spring breeze to it. Which is exactly what is needed right now. New beginnings on their way.

I spent some time outside earlier with my husband, discussing our plans to expand our living space and ideas for the garden. It’s nice to look ahead.

This morning I was blessed to sit with my youngest son in the garden. Watching him explore with the innocence and awe only a child has. We lose that as we grow and it’s such a shame. Although we can get that back, if we stop and pay more attention to these little people! We got the patio chalks out to draw and had a wonderful time! Even coming in to wash hands was met by such happiness to play with the bubbly warm water and he has been in his element.

I have my daughter cuddled in next to me right now, as we wait for the lasagne to finish cooking. Everyone is busy doing their own thing but all in the same room, all together and all contributing to the wonderful energy I’m surrounded by today.

To say I am blessed is an understatement!

I also had the pleasure of having a long chat with some soul sisters of mine this afternoon. They are from all over the world, but they could honestly be right next door when we talk. The wonder of the Internet and finding like minded souls who understand you to the core. I am so grateful to have found them all and it’s a deep connection that transcends distance. ❤

There are many things to be grateful for today and despite still feeling nauseous and unwell with this bug, there has been more smiles than frustration today. More love and more energy.

After some resistance, I got brave today and opened up my mindful living group on Facebook. Its taken 6 months to create and had been sat there for 2 weeks after creating, while I worked through my reasons for resisting this step forward. I’m still wobbly about it but I am passionate about what I love and I want others to share in that, if it sits with them. Steps in the right direction, for me. You cannot always look to others for support, to hold your hand or to push you forward. Sometimes you have to sit with your heart and your own guidance and be brave enough to step up to what you want to do, whether supported by others or not. I’m blessed to be supported by many but the person who I need support from most, is me. Took me a while to realise that and accept it.

I’m reminded that everything in life is ever changing and the only moments we can truly commit to living, are the ones that unfold in each present moment.

Gratitude for the small things can change your attitude in all things! ❤❤❤

Nici Gorman


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