14 of 31 days of gratitude

Mondays seem to be hard for me recently. It’s the day that hubby goes back to work and we had such a lovely weekend that it can be hard not to get stuck there in the past, wanting it to continue. Mindfulness teaches us to flow better within our moments and to embrace them as they occur. I’m blessed to be able to put that into practice often, or at least be aware! My daughter also has a class to attend on a Monday too. Nothing in particular has gone wrong today, I just guess I have that ‘groundhog day’ type feeling and have had to really check in with myself today, to stop allowing my mind to run away with me & catastrophise.

So instead of pushing through, I checked in with myself and decided we would just do the necessities today. As it turns out, the necessities were fun in the sun at the park and spending 4 hours decluttering and cleaning the bathroom! Haha.

I had a lovely delivery in the post today. A Box from my mother in law. Inside there was books and activities that she had chosen for the children and a gluten free recipe book for me 🙂 so thoughtful and the gifts suit the children perfectly. It’s always exciting opening surprise boxes here and we are very blessed indeed! ❤


Despite it being extreme in the stress department, we had a lovely hour at the park this morning. It’s difficult trying to juggle the needs of 4 children, especially when one loves to run while growling and roaring (not realising he alarms other children and parents alike) one has zero idea of safety regarding anything, (he’s only 2) one dislikes any kind of outside type stuff (despite actually enjoying himself once we are out!) And the other keeps pulling teeth out while chewing toffees and fruit winders. (Tooth fairy visit again tonight!) I resembled a frazzled, tired, neurotic mother by the time we returned to the car, but we did enjoy it! I felt much better for getting out and it spurred me on to do other things this afternoon, once the worn out toddler was napping.

Thanks to grannys delivery, the children were happily occupied (on and off) for a few hours so I decided to de clutter the bathroom. What I thought would take me an hour, ended up taking 4! The difference in energy in that clear and clean space is just phenomenal! It’s always been my favourite space in the house but now I may just move in there!

It’s difficult with 6 of us in a 2 bedroom house. It’s hard to keep on top of clutter and mess when there are just so many bodies! But we make the best of what we have. We all have beds, we make good use of the space and we make it work. There are many without even a roof over their heads so sometimes it’s important to take stock of what you do have, instead of looking at the lack.

We do need more space and we are working on finding ways to do so, we don’t have many options available,  but we do have SOME options. We have each other, and we have respect for people’s own space even more so, because we don’t have much of it. ❤❤❤

Gratitude for the small things can change your attitude in all things!

Nici Gorman


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