16 of 31 days of gratitude

I feel a bit naughty. I started writing this one yesterday, but I had complete writers block! It’s not that I couldn’t find anything to be grateful for, it’s just that I couldn’t choose what to write about and to be honest, I was tired.

Yesterday was pretty hard. I had lots of wobbles about lots of things. I get irritable about wobbles but actually? I’m grateful for them. Those wobbles show I am passionate and caring. As the weather improves and we slowly settle into a routine, with my husband back at work, I am feeling restless to spring clean and tidy and plan days out. I worry that the children aren’t getting enough of what they need. But actually? They are getting exactly what they need. It’s only my mind that battles with me, based on social norms and fitting in boxes that I’ve been previously taught to fit into. It’s hard stepping out of that box, but I am so thankful I was able to see there is a box to step out of in the first place.

Himalayan bath salts. Hello! How amazing is it that we can have access to there wonderful healing salts. Yet more proof of mother nature providing all that we need. I indulged in a himalayan salt bath and argan oil face pack. These salts are literally nature’s answer to aches and pains. Nature’s tramadol if you will! I bought a pack just to try them as opposed to my usual dead Sea salts and although I am struggling today, I am in less pain than when I use my usual salts. How blessed we are to have easy access to Nature’s resources. I will be ordering a larger batch now I’ve tried them. I have been toying with the idea of salt lamps too and I feel my mind is made up now!

Gratitude comes in many forms and we can be thankful for both material things and non material.

What I was most grateful for yesterday was my body. It’s an amazing and frankly magical thing. We come in all shapes and sizes imaginable and all have different abilities. I had the opportunity to do some mindful dancing yesterday and reconnect with the beautiful body I have. I’ve put weight on recently and have felt uncomfortable in my skin. But actually, Just being mindfully aware of how my body wants to move was amazing and it reconnected me to the beauty of my own self, inside and out. I honoured that beauty for just a little while yesterday. I embraced all parts of me and for just those few minutes, I loved every part of my fluid, magnificent body and soul. There was no self hatred or berating my wobbly bits. I wobbled away and smiled and enjoyed how freely I am able to move. I felt that movement and loved myself for every inch I am. Beautiful!! I’m not totally happy with my size currently but I am accepting that the more I love and accept my ever changing world, the more free I feel to be me in my own skin. Couple of extra pounds of not 😉 ❤

Gratitude for the small things can change your attitude in all things! ❤❤❤

Nici Gorman


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