17 of 31 days of gratitude

Music, singing and dancing are my focus for gratitude Today.

We’ve been dancing around and singing away to the radio all day today.

It’s amazing how a little music can really change your vibration and energy!

The children and I have been trying to do a little mindful movement daily. Sometimes they join in and sometimes they don’t, but generally they see me enjoying it and forget stuck in. My eldest on the other hand- not so interested! So today, I asked him if he could just have a try with us. He did! And he enjoyed himself, ended up giggling away and his entire energy lit up. Beautiful!! Be the change you want to see in others. Lead by example and model the behaviours you wish to see in others! ❤

I spent a few hours decluttering my clothes today. I haven’t done it properly in years but a friend posted something on Facebook the other day and suggested a book for me to read. Well, I’m hooked!! And today I did it. I went through my entire wardrobe and threw away anything that didn’t fit, didn’t feel good or didn’t bring me joy at the thought of wearing. I’ve got 5 massive heavy duty bin liners to go to the clothing bins! I was ruthless and trusted my instincts and intuition. My husband could not believe I had done it! He’s extremely proud. The thing with gratitude? It makes you change how you view everything. I am so blessed to have an abundance of clothing. Just because some don’t fit me or bring me joy, doesn’t mean it can’t for others and much of it is good quality and barely worn. I felt so good clearing it all out and it was freeing too! ❤

I still have far more than I need, even after throwing so much away & that was another little light bulb within. I have more than enough in all things.

I have just sat and sung my heart out to frozen with my youngest little one. He absolutely loves this film and seeing how much joy it brings him? Well it bring me that ultimate joy too. He laid on the floor smiling his biggest smile at me, while I played with his feet and sang away. Am I any good at singing? Nope. Does it matter? No! (Sorry neighbours!) He loves me singing and dancing around and it’s beautiful to connect with him in this way. ❤

It’s been a day of pure hearted abundance and I can work with that!! 🙂

Gratitude for the small things can change your attitude in all things! ❤❤❤

Nici Gorman


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