18 of 31 days of gratitude

Despite a very hard day today in the pain department I am incredibly thankful for a lot.

I had a beautiful moment with my youngest today. We were in the garden and he was chatting away to me about playing with the footballs. I rolled the ball over to him and got corrected “no mummy in football you kick the ball!” He then told me the ball under the table was ‘there’ picked it up and changed his wording to ‘here it is’ this boy is 2 and a half! He is constantly amazing me with his use of language and comprehension. As a parent we are always worrying about our children but watching his joy and love of everything is just beautiful. He is such a happy, inquisitive, polite and funny little soul and I am so blessed he chose me as his mummy!

I just love the individual moments I get with each of my children. It can be a juggling act but it makes that time together even more special and magical. ❤

I am full of gratitude for my blog. This beautiful place I created, to write my feelings and thoughts. My frustrations and emotions. It’s my release and is really important for me to have that space. My daily writing really focuses me in on the now and is a mindful act in itself. I find that I feel this breath out and letting go, everytime I hit ‘publish’

I don’t mind whether anyone reads it or not. If they do and it helps in some way, brightens someone’s day, makes someone think or grow- fantastic! But it’s not the driving force behind why I write. I write, simply because it brings me joy. It makes me happy and keeps my mind active on days that pain fogs my brain. I love sharing spirits words of wisdom too and it’s just a wonderful forum to get whatever out. Beautiful! ❤

I am blessed to have my friends. Supportive and loving. Understanding and kind. Honest and funny. They are the beautiful people who keep me upright when I’m falling down. Today has been difficult with pain levels out of control and I honestly could have happily not spoken to a soul all day given my mood. However, I am lucky to have those friends who think to send a message, or tag me in a beautiful post on Facebook. Or invite me out for a coffee just so I can get out of the house for an hour. None of us are perfect but friends are pretty close to perfection and I hope they know and realise who they are and that I would be there in a heartbeat for them too. We all go through challenging times and heartbreak too, in many forms and our family and friends are our first line of support. Remember how blessed you are to be loved and love in return. That’s guys. ❤

Gratitude for the small things can change your attitude in all things! ❤❤❤

Nici Gorman


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