19 of 31 days of gratitude

It’s the weekend! Weekends didn’t really exist here for a while when my husband was working odd shifts all over the place, but we have weekends again! And what a blessing they are!

I got up this morning full of grand ideas about finishing paperwork I’d not got around to during the week. With the husband home, it would mean he could be more present with the children and I could get stuck in! But then, I had a little check in with myself.

It was at that moment, in that present moment, that I realised I needed a little time to myself instead. So I decided to go off for a coffee alone and see where it took me.

I love the option of getting the bus. I’m very blessed to be able to drive and to have a car but sometimes, I just enjoy the experience of getting to sit on the bus and watch other people going about their day. To watch out of the windows at the constant change all around me. So I hopped on a bus to town and did exactly that! It was lovely. I smiled listening to the determined little girl chatting to her mum, my heart warmed watching another passenger help an elderly gentleman off the bus and I took in the ever changing architecture growing around me. ❤

I meandered around the shops, taking my time to look through the racks of clothes and accessories. I sat on a bench and listened to an excited, passionate young Christian girl, explaining the Christian youth movement to some local teenagers. She had such beautiful energy for her faith and beliefs! Not caring what people think, just being true to her. How amazing to get to witness that. She mentioned her friends further down the street were rapping about Jesus and God so I decided to have a wander down there and listen. Absolutely amazing talent in those young adults. I’m not religious but it really doesn’t matter. These young people believe in something and it brings them joy and friendship and connection to themselves and each other. Embracing the joy in their hearts for their God and singing it out via rap and gospel for all to experience. It was stunning.

Its amazing how many people walked past in the time I was sat there, completely unaware of the beauty that was occurring in front of them. So wrapped up in whatever they were doing, to stop and just be present in the amazing talent and voices. No matter what they were stinging about, it deserved to be appreciated. So thank you for that! ❤

I had the opportunity to go to a favourite place of mine, the book shop! And instead of rushing to grab what I had already planned to pick up, I was able to wander around, picking books up and sitting to read a few pages. I spent a good hour in there and finally found a book I had been looking for recently. ‘No mud, No lotus’ by Thich Nhat Hanh.


For those that don’t know, he’s one of the most amazing masters of mindfulness, known as one of the best Zen Buddhist teachers in the world today. His way with words and straightforward attitude really appeals to me and I am massively looking forward to getting stuck in to this book!!

Arriving home I was greeted by the longest cuddle from my little one and my husband has then made dinner and tidied everything away.

They may not have been big things on their own, but it’s these small moments that all add up to what has culminated into a wonderful day of re-centering and nourishing my soul, which was much needed and I’m most grateful for! ❤

Gratitude for the small things can change your attitude in all things! ❤❤❤

Nici Gorman


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