20 and 21 of 31 days of gratitude

So, I’m doing a double whammy today. Mainly because yesterday I was exhausted!

Yesterday I had the honour of having quantum healing hypnosis (QHHT) via a friend. It was an absolutely brilliant experience!!


I got taken back to 2 past lives and also we got to have a conversation with my higher self. There is so much information from the regression and I am so grateful for the copy of the recording to be able to listen back to it all! Such an experience. Mind officially blown! ❤

As if this wasn’t enough Colin also did a geopathic stress survey on my home and completed a home healing for me. It was so interesting seeing the work he had done and matching up areas of the home relating to what he had found.

How amazingly blessed am I! ❤

After that I attended Sunday service and low and behold, also received a message from a loved one in spirit too.

I’m feeling very loved and cared for by spirit and the universe right now! Opportunities keep on presenting themselves to me as new connections are made with like minded friends. Beautiful! ❤

Today I was able to watch my daughter practicing her aerial silks skills and even got some pictures and video. She is becoming so strong in her core. Her balance, Co-ordination and flexibility astounds me. Such a blessing to watch her grow with this new passion and see her determination and joy! ❤

My beautiful friend Natalie came to visit today with her boys. I love our synchronistic ways but even I was amazed when I showed her all the herbs that I had ordered, that I needed jars for, only for her to tell me about all the jars she had got in preparation for her own herbs! Hehe. I love how it works with us. We made up a tea mix with rose petals, yarrow, thyme and cinnamon and oh my word, it was beautiful! Lots of chatting and just enjoying each others company, while the children all played wonderfully together. 4 children with additional needs together, yet getting on perfectly & navigating each others needs. It’s beautiful to see how close these boys have become!  ❤

I got to see my sister today. It was wonderful to see her and just spend some time chatting. Even better, was watching her and my daughter sewing together. The children love their Aunty so much and it was really nice for Maddy to spend some quality time with her Aunty. Even if my sister hadn’t been keen on the sewing originally, she soon engrossed herself and actually really enjoyed it!! ❤

So much gratitude for so many things! Friends, family, opportunities, sunshine, fresh air, my senses!

Gratitude for the small things can change your attitude in all things! ❤❤❤

Nici Gorman


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