24 of 31 days of gratitude

Wow 24 days! It’s crazy how much things have changed in the past 3 weeks.

Less pain, more abundance, hubby finding a new job, spring here, more opportunities, generally more happiness and kindness!

It’s amazing how, challenging yourself to see more of the beauty in life, can totally change your attitude and Outlook.

I’m not saying there isn’t hard moments, but because of being able to see more joy & accepting how life is ever changing, those moments are just moments. They aren’t bad days or bad weeks. They are just moments in time that flow to the next and are easy to let go of when you feel more positive and grateful.

I had lots to do yesterday but my children had other ideas, especially the little one. Instead of writing the day off, I chose to just embrace. I downsized everything to what was necessary and we just flowed with the day.

My daughter discovered Khan Academy on the pc and it was lovely to sit with her as she worked through maths challenges and seeing her delight at how good she is with numbers!
My son wanted to help with dinner so he was chief stirrer and my word has he got some awesome skills! It’s a blessing to be able to spend that time and be present with them in these moments!

My youngest has discovered how to climb out of his cot in the last few days. Where some parents may groan at this development, I welcomed it. Especially when I was woken with the most pure and beautiful cuddles! He has however, not worked out how to get back in and so was quite tearful in the afternoon about being left to have his nap. Instead of getting frustrated, I chose to see he was having trouble dealing with something and so had a lay down too. What a perfectly fabulous idea these afternoon naps are!! Haha.

I didn’t sleep but meditated mindfully, next to his cot and within a few minutes he was peacefully sleeping, arms behind his head like he was sunbathing! How relaxing! 

We often forget to look to these little ones for guidance on the simplicity of life. How blessed I was to be able to breathe and get to the heart of the issue instead of acting in frustration. I would have missed it on that beautiful shared moment of peace. Thank you Ben, for reminding me that we all can benefit from that little rest from ourselves!

Gratitude for simple days, sunshine, flowing and connecting today. Life is as complex or simple as we choose to make it. ❤

Gratitude for the small things can change your attitude in all things! ❤❤❤

Nici Gorman


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