Easter Service

Easter. It’s a Christian holiday commemorating the death of Jesus Christ and celebrating his resurrection. So what does that have to do with those of us who aren’t Christian?

Everything. The symbolism surrounding not only Easter, but also the Pagan  Ostara is massively important to all.

Whether you are Christian, pagan, Catholic, Spiritualist, Atheist or something in between. It is important, whether you are religious or not. Everyone of us can take something from this holiday regardless of where you are spiritually.

Because the labels don’t actually matter and that is kind of the point.

What does matter is what Easter creates if you allow it. Unity. And unity is something to be celebrated.
Unity doesn’t mean everyone believing the same particular story or belief, instead unity can mean just that beautiful united feeling.

And that united feeling is renewal. How many of us have been starting to feel better since the first signs of spring began appearing? How much happier do we all feel having the days get longer and sunnier?
That feeling of new hope- that is something to be celebrated.

Whether you believe in one particular book or not doesn’t really have as important focus, if you allow just that unity of thought. New hope. New life. Rebirth, resurrection, renewal.
When you choose to remove the stories, the particular people/gods/goddesses, it does all boil down to that same ideal. Spring, Easter, ostara are symbolic of renewal.

There’s this strange thing that we seem to struggle with in this life.
Judgement and the need to be right. More factually accurate than the previous story.

Even in spiritualism and the story of Jesus and his resurrection.
The story has been given fresh interpretation to better ‘fit’ the ideology of spiritualists.
Jesus rose and his disciples did not immediately recognise him. To some spiritualists, this has been interpreted to mean that Jesus was not actually risen in physical form but instead, as spirit energy, hence why those who knew him so well, did not immediately recognise him.

Why is there such a need to be more right?

Or to debunk the ideas of the passage regarding this in the first place?

Is it likely true that Jesus appeared in spirit form? To me, yes it would make sense. But does it really matter? No.
Why can’t they all be a little bit right? Because to me, they are.

I consider myself lucky to have been brought up with no religion because it has enabled me to explore so much of so many different religious beliefs and slowly form my own understanding that sits with me. I used to feel the need to fit in a particular box of religion but I’ve come to realise that I do not need to fit anywhere.
I’m not supposed to fit.

Because as soon as you fit yourself inside that tiny box, there is no room for anything else. You limit yourself and lose the chance to explore all the other wonderful cultures, beliefs and traditions.

It’s one of the reasons I am not a spiritualist. I don’t need the label and even if I did need it, it wouldn’t fit.
I am just me. A spiritual being. This way, I have the opportunity to grow and learn with my own individual style and freedom, taking elements of this and that from various sources, that sit right with me.

I believe in a great master healer named Jesus who was persecuted for being more than others could understand. I believe in him but I am not a Christian.
I believe in the prophet Allah and all of the wonderful philosophy that he had to share. But I am not a Muslim.
I celebrate mother earth and all she provides, I follow and honour the moon but I am not a pagan.
My soul honours your soul. But I am not Hindu.
I meditate and practice mindfulness, does that make me Buddhist? No.

It’s actually really simple. I don’t need a label to define me and nor do you. I am a piece of the universe, sentient and manifested. I am simply awake.

So what does Easter mean to you? Whether it means the resurrection of Jesus or the Rebirth of mother earth, or the Passover, or whether it is simply the holiday that you get a ton of chocolate and extra days off-
Easter stands for that united idea of newness..

The point I’m trying to make I guess is that the source of that unity doesn’t matter. We all have this feeling of newness around now. The coming spring. New ideas, new life, renewal.
If we are able to push aside our perceptions and prejudices of other religions and instead see the symbolic beauty within each, we would see that all have value, all have their place, all can be right, all can be appreciated.  Arguing the differences in the words doesn’t take away the beautiful messages.

Because religion isn’t what separates us. It’s our own unwillingness to appreciate those differences and cease the need to judge and label things, that separates us.

So as you spend time with family celebrating Easter, in whichever way feels right for you, I hope you can also take a little moment to shake off another layer of that conditioning and judgement.
Just seeing those differences as something to be appreciated instead of argued and allow the idea of those labels and boxes to melt away a little bit more.

We are all the same race. We are all human beings. We are all divine lights of beautiful source energy. Whether that source is named God, Jesus, Jehovah, Allah, Buddha or anything else!

Try to Allow and appreciate the different beliefs and views all around you, take from it what sits and leave the rest. There is no need to argue the point. There is no need to be more right.
Embracing all that this life can offer, without feeling the need to box yourself into one label, can only serve to help you better know yourself and others.

Nici Gorman


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