26 & 27 days of gratitude

It’s been a busy weekend!

Saturday we had lots of fun and silliness while hubby went to collect his 2 boys for the weekend. It’s really nice to just spend some time focusing on family and spending time doing whatever it is they want.

Turns out the children wanted me to record them in a movie. My 7 year old was Batman and my 2 year old was superman. My daughter was lynx woman! A human- lynx hybrid. The imagination of these children is amazing! And I was very blessed to be allowed into that world for a little while!

In the afternoon I drove over to my mums to take her an easter egg and some flowers. Traffic was awful and it took me 40 minutes just to get out of my town but despite this, I accepted and chose to chill and listen to some golden oldies on the radio. I sung my heart out like no one was listening haha. Had a lovely time catching up with my mum and then had the pleasure of driving home in every weather possible, all at once!

I have very high anxiety with driving in bad weather due to a car crash I was in many years ago, I did consider pulling over but I decided to just breathe and take it slow and I did it!

We then had a lovely one pot dinner for the 8 of us round the table and watched a film with the older boys.

How blessed I am to have my family close by. To have a car to drive, food to put in the table and share.

Sunday was a hard day. My youngest was needing a lot of my time and my 7 year old was very excited due to it being Easter and the change of routine. My eldest step son got taken off to do his race car driving experience that we got him for Christmas and wow, what an experience for him! And also for my husband as he loves cars ! How blessed to have seen that present and to have been able to afford it for him.

In the evening, I had the beautiful opportunity to hold Sunday service at the spiritual centre I attend, with some friends. It’s such a blessing to have these learning opportunities to speak in front of an audience and to provide messages from loved ones in spirit. We all learnt lots and every opportunity brings us closer to providing better mediumship and sharing the love of others family and friends who have gone home to spirit ahead of them.

I’m so proud of us all and massively grateful as always, to Annette who is a wonderful mentor, who gives so much of herself to help in the growth of the next generation of mediums.

I’ve been attending the centre for 2 years now and have made some wonderful friends. It’s a beautiful feeling to be able to go somewhere and just feel you belong.

The day didn’t end brilliantly as I struggled to drive home in the storm that started brewing last night. I had a mild anxiety attack and had to pull over as could feel the stomach acid rising in my throat. But despite this, I calmed myself enough to get home and I did the right thing. Pulling over and taking some time to calm down and re centre myself enough to get home. Originally I had been focusing on the negative of this, but this morning I can see how actually, I did really well and should be proud of myself for how I handled the situation.

Gratitude for the small things can change your attitude in all things!

Nici Gorman


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