28 of 31 days of gratitude

Have had a much more chilled day today. It’s a luxury having hubby home over the whole bank holiday and has been lovely. And he’s even getting paid for it too! It’s wonderful when companies go that little bit further for their employees and don’t make you have to take bank holidays off your holiday entitlement. How blessed we are that he has finally found a Job that has a reasonable work-life balance! ❤

Little one has been very insecure for the past few days and we finally found out why today. He has wisdom teeth coming through. Wisdom teeth at 2 and a half!? Not something I’ve heard of before but so pleased to have worked out why he is needed a lot more attention and cuddles and relieved he’s not poorly. I laid with him a little earlier and we listened to a sleep meditation for kids and he went off into the land of nod within 4 minutes, so peaceful and calm without the recent tears and fighting. What a blessing to have these things available to us now. Technology can be a blessing when used with balance. ❤

Balance. That’s been the theme of the day here. After faces being filled with chocolate over easter, it was lovely to indulge in a veggy packed soup and fresh bread. Thankyou mother earth. ❤

All the normal jobs have been done although everyone has stayed in pj’s today. We’ve had periods of activity and periods of quiet too.  Awareness of the need for balance today and listening to internal rhythms, which I am so blessed to have children that prioritise their internal ebbs and flows beautifully. I hope one day to be as balanced as they are but thank them for their constant teachings! ❤

Despite it being a little up and down this weekend, with a lot of over excitement and changes of routine, little one struggling and me suffering a little with my anxiety, this quote sums my feelings up perfectly. 💖


Gratitude for the small things can change your attitude in all things! ❤❤❤

Nici Gorman


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