The need to compete. Conversations with spirit.


There is actually no need to compete but rather a perceived lack of worth which causes comparisons to be made and then for life to become some kind of race to an invisible finish line that does not exist.

Each pang of jealousy, judgement, comparison is an invitation to look within to what you are struggling with. Whether you choose to say yes to that invitation is a choice only you can make.

Each pang of jealousy, judgement, comparison is born from a Base of fear not love.

You have a world that is created based on competition. You have enough abundance in every waking moment but still look to your neighbour and see a lack for yourself. This fear of lack holds you in the place of competing. Comparing, feeling that you are not enough.

When your intentions come from a true place of love you do not judge or compare because it simply does not compute to.

When you share in another achievements because you are GENUINELY happy for them, you feel no lack. You do not say ‘well done’ but mean ‘why them and not me’

True intentions come from a place of the heart not the mind. peace of mind can only be found in the heart by allowing the mind to be still and the ego to be shed.

Those who achieve great things know this for they are not looking behind them or in front of them. They are not looking to others to compete with. They merely do their thing and do so with pure intent without condition. Without outcome. Without a game plan of how they can get ahead of another.

They celebrate anothers achievements with them, simply because they feel it within them to do so. Not through a sense of duty or to look compassionate or friendly.

Shoulds woulds and coulds.
I should feel pleased for them they’ve worked hard.
I would love to have what they have
If only I could be as good as them.

These are all falsification at the core of competing. You should not feel anything unless you truly feel it. You would not feel the need to compare if you were not in some way feeling a lack within your own worth. You could not judge another if you truly understood that in judgement or criticism- you only serve to judge and critique yourself.

This is the simplest of truths. Comparing, judging, jealousy. These are the marks of a need to look within and work on you. The ultimate responsibility is to accept this and be open to that fact rather than papering over it with justification.

Justification is just another form of fear. You need not justify your actions to any other than yourself. If you need to justify yourself, look within at why. You will likely find it is due to comparison, judgement, critiquing others. And this is purely to make you feel better for the lack inside of you rather than facing that fear and letting yourself know you deeply.

Many of the fears around worth are deep seated and subconscious. Therefore easy to ignore to an extent. However. When you learn to hear yourself deeply, you begin to feel that pang of discomfort each and every time that you judge or criticise another. You may feel it as guilt or a sadness or just an uncomfortable feeling within. This is your soul speaking to you. She is asking you to acknowledge that feeling and look at why you feel it.

The true reason you feel those pangs is because you are not created to fear or lack or be jealous of others. Your soul does not work in such ways and works best on the higher positive vibrations of love.

Justifying this with ‘oh well none of us are perfect’ ‘oh well I came here to experience all’ ‘oh well I’m only human’ is merely another way of not having to accept your inner crying.

You can heal those issues surrounding your self worth and you can genuinely feel happy and joyful for others, without any need to judge or compare. But you cannot do this with a ‘fake it till you make it’ attitude. It requires hard work, inner work, it requires the intent to recognise your own reflection within each judgement you make. It requires you to be open to it actually being completely about you rather than the other person. You must realise your own deep seated issues with yourself and work on those, with honesty, truth and raw basic emotion. You but be truly honest with the ugly truth and be okay with deciding to work on it.

And therein lies the problem. Fear of truly knowing ones self. Fear of what you would be without all that harsh energy you place upon yourself. Fear of the unknown. Fear of facing your true self and being able to be okay with it and setting the intent on working to shed that fear based ego mind.

There is nothing to fear but fear itself. Be open to your own reflection. Be open to your own inner self. Begin to be okay with comparing and judging as merely an invitation to look towards YOU instead of another. That is where you begin to work from the heart instead of allowing yourself to be a slave to your ego mind.

Yes you are human, yes you are imperfect. But please stop using these as excuses to not have to face knowing yourself deeply, honestly and truthfully.

Aileen channeled through Nici.

Nici Gorman


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