Why do we suffer.

Let me remind you that no greater power put you where you are and said ‘you must suffer’

Suffering is not at the core of who you are. It is merely a side effect of forgetting who you are and how powerful a creator you are.

You suffer because you see no other way to be. That is the truth of it. You can choose not to suffer!

But that simple truth seems far to far-fetched and fantastical so instead you choose to build stories around the suffering to make it acceptable to your thinking mind.

You read all the books, look at all the programmes, the law of attraction etc etc and you say not possible. This again is fear.

Fear of what life would be like if you had no suffering.

The law of attraction speaks truth, all be it for the less reasons of money, power.

You attract what you send out. Each thought is energy in motion, this is a simple fact and you send out thousands of thoughts a day. This is mainly because you are all so very connected in the world today and therefore the more connected you are, the more opinions you have, the more thoughts you have that are not necessarily in tune with you originally.

Hence you send out many many thoughts and feelings and prayers and it’s all happening at one hundred miles an hour without ever really holding space for one thought at a time.

You have become flippant with your processes and thoughts. You have come to ignore the energy of the body and to listen.

You do not have to suffer! But you feel a need for it due to not being able to accept the alternative.

The alternative lives in the heart. Heart centred movement. Heart centred being, heart centred thought. These are how you reduce suffering. The 2 books you are reading currently make sense to you because they are at the heart of the matter.

Suffering exists in the world completely man made. No higher power exacted his rage or anger upon the world. No judge from above. It is man that has created the greed, the power struggles when there is an abundance for all. It is only a perceived lack of worth that causes the need to suffer.

You can continue to be a part of this suffering, or you can choose to become more mindful of your thoughts. More mindful of your body. More mindful of bringing your attention back to your natural heart rhythms. In doing so it reduces the thoughts being send out as suffering energy. It enhances your ability to become the controller of your thoughts and it enables you to suffer less.

When you suffer less, the world’s energy as a whole suffers less. Every human suffer less from one of you suffering less. This is a collective power that you all have within you. You only need choose to use it.

Why do you suffer? Because you fear.
Grow in your own energy. Learn how to use your own energy. Learn how important your own energy is. By growing to accept your own creative energy and your responsibility towards your own suffering, illness and pain and how to better use your energy, you hold the power to create collective energy that causes less suffering in the world.

This is one reason so many of you feel this now. You feel the suffering much, because you feel that you should be able to reduce that suffering. You can. You must only believe it and trust in what your own energy says to you.

Learn, grow, trust and share this heart energy. This is the route to less suffering for all.

Aileen channeled through Nici.

Nici Gorman


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