Success in motion.

We all love to hear success stories don’t we?

You know the ones. The stories where you can feel you totally relate to the person in the story, their hardships and issues and by the end of the story they have succeeded in overcoming it all and getting on top of everything and you just feel Inspired. Moved. Motivated. But then life becomes that ever changing movement of all things again and you think to yourself – they did it easily, why can’t I?

The problem with most of these stories is that often, they tell the story in hindsight. They tell the story from the other side, the end. The success story. But there is no end. Not really and that is the vital point we miss. We begin to aspire to something that is impossible.

We don’t see enough of the real stuff. The hard stuff as it unfolds. The messy, raw, difficult and emotional constant motion.

Within a story we only ever get a glimpse of one area. Generally we are acquainted with said person in story and then we here how they overcame all the odds and that is great! But it’s not very realistic.

Realistic is the stuff inbetween. It’s that thing called life.

I’m more of a day by day kind of girl. I don’t know what tomorrow will bring or whether it will be a hard day or an easy one. All I know is there is another 24 hours tomorrow for me to have a go at being me. There is no major success story here. Why? Because we are forever navigating life and life is ever changing.

We pick up skills along the way to help us. I for one am big on sharing those skills to help others. I want to inspire and encourage others to hear their own real truths and realities. To strip back those layers of conditioning. The perfect life. Perfect home. Perfect family. Perfect spiritual practice.

None of that truly exists and there is one fundamental truth behind it all. It’s different for each and every single person. The perfect existence is one lived in truth of your own self. The lighter bits and the darker. The raw, beautiful, emotional you without the societal expectations.

Being truly you, can make others uncomfortable. People have a tendency to then ask you not to share so much, not to be so outspoken. Not to put those uncomfortable truths out there because well, “what might others think?”

It’s only then, that you begin to become aware of others opinions. You may begin to note the innocuous labels thrown around. ‘Emotional’ ‘dramatic’ ‘quirky’ ‘drama queen’ ‘bubbly’ ‘over the top’ ‘attention seeker’

These labels do not define you, instead they define the person saying them. They scream ‘I wish I could show my emotions better/be more bubbly/seek attention that I feel I lack’

You are emotional. Quirky. Bubbly and dramatic. You have every right to be any of those things if it means being true to your personality and soul. It is not wrong to be you.

You are not a success story waiting to happen. You are already a success story in motion. With every up and down. Every good day and bad. Every difficult moment and joyful moment. Do not live your life in hindsight. Do not live your life aspiring to others ideals of success.

You are success in ever changing motion. You just need to amend your perspective.

Nici Gorman


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