I am my best friend.

I overheard a shocking conversation this morning. I’m still surprised to be honest that the poor woman didn’t burst into tears or fight back. But she just stood there numb and vacant looking. The things that were said to this poor woman. It astounds me that someone would speak to another in this way. But it happened and she just seemed to take all the insults without once standing up for herself.

“See! I told you so! I said youd put on weight hadnt I. But dont worry, If you could just lose a few pounds I’m sure you’d feel better. But wow, how awful does your skin look at the moment. That’s from eating all that rubbish. You know it’s not good for you but you don’t listen do you! You’re so stupid sometimes, Seriously, what is wrong with you! Why would anyone want to be friends with you? It’s no wonder really though is it, you are such a mess right now. Those poor children, with you as a role model!”

This was just some of the conversation I witnessed. Disgusting right?

I’m guessing many of you are wondering why I would stand by and just listen to this without stepping in and putting a stop to it.

Well here’s the thing. The conversation I witnessed was in a mirror. It was me. Talking to me.

How many of us felt outraged reading those spiteful nasty words that were venomously spat at that woman when we thought it was someone else saying them? How many of us would have intervened?

Yet this is how many of us speak to ourselves every single day. Would you allow a friend to speak to you like this? Would you speak to a friend like this?

When we speak to others we are kind. We are loving. We are supportive and respectful.

It’s time to start practicing that same respect, kindness and love on yourself.

If you wouldn’t say it to someone else, please please stop saying it to the most important person to you. Yourself.

Become more mindful of your internal dialogues. You are your own best friend. it’s time to stop fighting with her and instead, strengthen that bond and if she becomes disrespectful, rude or begins to berate you- pull her back into line just as you would anyone else. Do not accept anything less than you would want for others.


The love, kindness and beauty you see in others is exactly what is mirrored inside of you. Look in that mirror. See truth. See beauty. See you and your best friend.

Nici Gorman


One thought on “I am my best friend.

  1. Very good advice. I remember Dove doing an advert about this topic a few years ago when they got one lady to say the personal reflections of the journal of another lady to her in conversation. It was really upsetting yet we do this to ourselves. I mostly beat myself up for not being good enough generally and am forever telling myself off for it. Thanks for writing this and reminding me to be a bit kinder to myself xx

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