But I’m not good enough.

While on the subject of self love and self worth another statement came to me.

But I’m not good enough yet.

Firstly. I’ll let you in on a little secret. You have always been and always will be, good enough. Being unapologetically you- that is good enough!


However. It takes time to unravel all of the untruths that you have lived. All the conditioning. For whatever reason you began to question whether there could be more. That needs exploration. You may have had a loss that was a catalyst in you beginning to see or sense spirit. That needs exploration. Maybe you woke up one day and felt a shift in your awareness. That needs exploration.

That exploration needs to be creative. Deep. Turning your current views upside down to explore the new perceptions that you are experiencing.

Have you noticed the words I’m using yet? Exploration. Creation. Perceptions. Experience. These words are words we use regarding a child learning about their world.

It’s time to see yourself as that child. In awe of the new discoveries you have made. It’s great that others can help and guide you in this awakening but remember something. Regardless of having adults to teach and guide them, a child will learn in its own time and in its own way. When we speak of a child learning, we do not say ‘one way is best’ We say ‘find your way and I will keep you safe while you explore’ See your mentors in this way. There is no ‘right’ way. The only thing we should endeavour, is to work within our own truths and hearts.

We don’t tell a child NOT to try in case they get it wrong. We actively encourage a child to make mistakes. We encourage them to try. To have a go. To practice Why? because practice makes perfect and mistakes are intrinsic to learning.

Why are you any different? Why just because you are an adult must you know all?

You are a newly awakening child. Your human age matters not. What happened in your life before now, takes time to resolve within your new eyes. It’s like you see the world for the first time. A veil removed between the world’s.  See your awakening as day 1 of your birth. You are now an enthusiastic, interested, creative and mischievous soul. Eager to learn. Eager to try things. To experience. To grow and practice your new skills as you learn them!

How do children learn? They fall down and get back up. It never once occurs to them to not get back up does it?

Learning to work with spirit or healing or any other skill, is no different to any other learning. Connect to your inner child. See awe and wonder and grow with it.

Go out and practice your skills. Get it wrong. Find it hard. Fall down, get back up. it is needed and necessary to growth and learning!

I am not suggesting you just throw yourself out there with no training or mentoring. That could be damaging to others. But as long as you are being truthful about your level of skill, do practice. Do try. How else will you learn?

You will never be good enough if you tell yourself you are not good enough before you have even tried. 

Learning must be coupled and balanced with practice! Learn, then try. Learn more, then practice. Get it wrong. Fall down..then get back up with more knowledge than you had before you fell!

Just as a child. The process of discovering a skill, exploring it, practicing it and then trying. learning to perfect that skill by learning ways that it doesn’t work for you.

You are that child. You are good enough. You always have been good enough. You just forgot it for a little while.

Nici Gorman


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