Miscommunication is not the act of someone missing your communication. It’s the act of you not saying what you have to say. Sugar coating something as you would say.

When you say what you mean and mean what you say there is no room for others to misunderstand.

You feel misunderstood hence you taking a moment to ask the questions you just have. However the answers are never the ones you want to hear but are instead the answers you need to hear. These are not often the same thing. Want arises from ego. Need arises from heart and the place of uncomplicated necessities.

The recent shifts have begun to shake off anything that does not sit at a heart centred approach, for you. This is why you feel frustration at so much. You have begun to see more and more, what is needed and what is lacking within all areas of life. This is not something you can push to one side any longer and you know your energy needs to be used to help within this shift or in this time of remembering, but you do not know in what way. This is hard for you I know.  But you are not alone in this. Many are feeling that pull to remember the heart energy in all that they do and it is leading to a dissatisfaction of sorts for many!

The guidance I can give you is to be clear in your interactions with others. Work from that heart energy you are now feeling so fiercely. I know that is not what you wish to hear but instead it is what you need to hear.

You are not being misunderstood. You are instead, not being clear with your words. If something is unsatisfactory to you or not bringing you joy, be truthful with it. That is growth. Accepting that something is not working for you and making the needed changes is essential to something working. It’s really not as difficult as you insist on making it.

Say what you mean, mean what you say. Sugar coating is not beneficial to anyone, least of all yourself.


Be kind, be helpful, be true, say what is necessary. When you speak from the heart space there is no need or reason to sugar coat your words, as they will be received with the true intention they were meant to be.

Nici Gorman


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