Seeing the truth.

I found my self thinking back to my quantum healing session today and specifically, to something my higher self pointed out.

If I hadn’t experienced the deaths of others in so many varied and painful ways, I couldn’t feel the compassion I now feel for others dealing with their own grief and I couldn’t have grown with my abilities to help others through these difficult times to the extent that I have.

I completely believe this. But I am now drawn to apply that to other areas of my life too. That was the truth of the message- if it is true for one thing, it must be applicable in many areas. 

The biggest area of life that I struggle with currently is my feminine cycles. I’ve always had issues with them however since the birth of my youngest son, its gotten significantly worse.

The premenstrual dysorphic disorder leaves me feeling completely insane. Angry, irrational, egotistical, selfish, depressed and anxious to the max.

This leaves me feeling quite honestly fraudulent when I am guiding and advising others. How can I do such a thing when I am a mess myself? How can I be a good model of mindfulness and good meditative practice, when for 10 days of each month I am completely out of control? How can I help guide others in their grief, help assist them in their life challenges, when I don’t have a handle on my own?

Well today is day 1 of that 10 day phase and I felt it as soon as I woke, I didn’t need the alarm to remind me today. I didn’t need anyone to suggest it was time to take my medication. I felt it. I am living it and I am mindful of it- completely. I’ve reached out to a close friend and also to my husband, letting them know what’s going on for me today. I am not alone in this and I am supported and loved. But only if others know what’s going on.

I have remembered to start writing down the thoughts that are not truly my own good thoughts. I have realised I don’t need to be supermum right now and to be gentle with myself and the children. I am prepared and ready to flow with this, knowing just as with all things- it is changeable and will flow to another phase in time.

Feeling highly strung, I decided to pull a card on what I need to focus on today and wow! How true was this card.


Seeing that truth. So going back to the original questions I set myself earlier, I am the perfect person to help and advise others because I know it works on actual experience. I am a living, breathing example of how imperfect life can be and how we can help ourselves. I don’t need to have everything together to be able to guide another person through something. My life experiences make it possible for me to do the best for them, BECAUSE I live it and practice it and work on it myself, daily.

Would you go to someone for help knowing they have zero experience in what you need help with? Would you go to a yoga instructor that had never practiced yoga?  I know I wouldn’t.

And this is no different. My life and my hardships are the reason I chose to study all the areas I have, and that makes me a brilliant model in how these things CAN and will help you. It’s not about being perfect before you reach out to help others. There is no such thing as perfection. Instead it’s about accepting life, as it is, in this moment and then helping others to flow with that- just as you do!

When you find yourself asking these sorts of demeaning questions, take a breath. Turn them on their head. What makes me the best person to do this. Being me is the only answer.

Massive love ❤

Nici Gorman


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