The truth of the heart.

The human body is a complex design but one that is not used correctly or to its full potential. This is not a bad thing, however things are evolving now and over time you are learning and remembering the way of the true brain. The heart.

There is a reason that your scientists state that you only use a small percentage of your thinking brain capacity. Think of the body as a computer.

The skin and bones- the metal casings protecting the inner workings.
The organs- the software and apps to ensure proper usage.
The brain- the hardware to ensure proper connections to the software.

But there is another piece of hardware that is not being used presently. The brain was always supposed to be a complimenting system to the main operating system. The heart.

The heart is the true brain and operating system of the human body. But through time, and conditioning humans have been taught that to think with the heart brain, makes you weak and soft.

The mind brain began to take over and in no time at all, the heart brain was relegated to another software app, needed but not used as it’s intelligent thinking self. The connection is still strong between the heart and mind but within processes and conditioning you have been taught that within the mind there is power and within the mind there is strength.

It is sad to see, as the power and strength each of you holds is all within you. It is held within the heart centre ready to show you all that you are and all that you can achieve.

You often hear it, it speaks to the mind and body daily. But you have been taught to throw it’s words to the side and opt for external knowledge.

The way of the heart brain is Love. But it transcends even love. It is pure existence. Pure energy. Pure connection to all. You do not need to seek outside of the self to know this. It is all within. Encased in that hard protective shell. The body protects it’s most important hardware. Think about it? What is the most protected part of the human body? It is not the brain. It is the heart.

The time is upon you now that more and more of you are returning to the way of the heart space. The true brain and mind of you. This is a hard and confusing time for you. But made harder by your need to understand with the mind instead of the heart. The layers of conditioning are falling away now and as they do, things become clearer and simpler. Think with the true mind you were given.

That mind of non judgement, compassion, love, joy. It does not exist in the brain. It exists in the heart. Take those small steps towards heart centred living. Take those leaps of heart centred faith. You are drawn to do so because that is the way of your true self. The brain is a secondary operating system. Important! but not the driving force you are led to believe.

Listen with your heart. Know with your heart and open to all the knowledge you already possess inside of you. It is not an evolution but a revolution. Back to a time when you knew the way of the universe.

Love. Truth. Non judgement and no need for control over others. That time will come again, it is happening now for those able to see it but the responsibility lies with you.

In Love and truth.

Nici Gorman


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