Panther my blessed protector.


Guardian, protector of wondrous feminine grace.

I feel you’re presence and embrace your wisdom and truth. I acknowledge your inner power as that which is within me, not outside of me. I welcome the magik and medicine you come to me with at this time, knowing that from your guidance and teachings I can continue now, upon this path of inner knowledge.

Within the silence of the night and the shadows, I now awaken. I am creation and rebirth. I am power and beauty and grace. I am the seeker of all that I deny of myself. I see all and hear all from within the shadows and decide my own path.

A path of trust in the self. I seek to honour my feelings and intuitive self now and I put my faith in you to protect and guard me on those steps ahead.

Honour thyself above all. For to honour the self is, to honour all.

Nici Gorman


One thought on “Panther my blessed protector.

  1. Big Cat my guide has been stalking about recently as Panther (although this weekend he’s been Leopard & has just let me know he’s currently Lioness!) So just love this. Really lovely. Means a lot. Xx

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