Automatic writing


Last night I had the pleasure of sharing a mini workshop on automatic writing with some lovely people.

It’s beautiful to be asked to share your passions and although I get nervous about doing these evenings, I thoroughly enjoyed it!

It’s great to hear other people’s experiences of the meditations and what writings come through to them.

One of the most important things that was discussed last night was that it truly doesn’t matter and is a mute point, where these writings come from. In this human experience we are so desperate to label things and have everything in particular boxes to help us to understand. But actually, it’s all theory. It always will be theory and personal perception and that is okay. Providing the writings you are inspired with are helpful and encourage growth of your experience here, enjoy it. Not everything needs to be analysed and separated.

I joined in last night which I don’t normally do, but the energy was so beautiful that it was impossible not to join in with that! My guide gave me a pocket watch as a gift during meditation and then she went on to explain her gift in my writings.

I asked Aileen “what do I need to know today” her reply is as follows.

‘Time dear sweet one,
Time is what you have and all you need. It heals. It frees the soul.
You are not lacking in time.
Instead, you have it in more abundance than you could possibly imagine.

I know you wish this time to be over and to move forward but it is not yet, time.

Unfair? No. It is not unfair to ask that you grow and learn and experience to the very core of you. This too shall pass and it shall pass all too soon, onto the next human disaster or trauma. At which point you will again ask, to fast forward through the most important and growing moments.

If you wish to have time- make time
If you wish to stop time- slow yourself

But wishing to fast forward is not healing or right to do so.

You are strong enough to endure all ahead. Time is what you have, make use of it.

Love as always

Was a great evening with such interesting and deep conversation and energy!!

Aileen also shared her view on some unique people we are currently having the pleasure to meet and experience life with- those on the autistic spectrum. An important message I feel.

‘Special souls indeed. (Hear) To show the beauty of life if only you were brave enough to be completely honest and true to yourselves, as they are. So many true souls, unable to be anything but raw, beautiful truth. Much needed at this time and most blessed are all who experience such special souls’

I love what I do!! ❤❤❤

Nici Gorman


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