Conversations with the self.

There is this simple little fact that you still fail to understand.

People are unique in every way possible. Such a simple fact but one with so many confusing and deep meanings.

How one person sees the world will be completely unique to the one sat next to them and that is because you completely create your reality as you see it. That’s how it is, had been and always will be.

You may have things in common or similar views but never will you ever, have, the exact same perspective.

You can have a common goal. Common goals are powerful movements but each person will have a slightly different and unique take on that common goal.

This is simple. People are different and that is exactly as it should be. You see, each persons unique experience gives all new and unique experience. Because although you are each so very different, you are all of the same too.

If you are struggling with something, just do you. Others may say they understand but they cannot truly, which is completely natural and normal. They can however, understand from their own perspective. They can empathise from their own unique standpoint. They can sympathise and help, from their own personal experience.

When you do not flow with your own uniqueness you create dams of stagnant energy if you will. This stagnant flow builds up as is the flow of life. Because that is the point. It must flow. And if it cannot? It will overflow and still find its way.

One of the hardest yet most simple truths to grasp is, everything is ever changing. Everything flows. Everyone is unique and flows with their own views, growth, experience and lives. Your perspective of how they choose to do that does not and will not detract away from their own. It may influence for a small time. It may create a new stream to flow down for a moment but, as with all things- the flow continues onwards towards their own personal path.

Instead of trying to understand from an emotional view point, try to empathise from a detached place. Detachment does not mean uncaring, or cold but instead it means to care woth an understanding that nothing is permanent and emotions are like a river. Try to hold water in your hands and it will slip through your fingers, it’s natural physics. See your emotions and attachments to others as the water you feel the need to hold onto, allow it to flow and enjoy the sensations, experiences and joy during that time only.

See the truth as it is now. No stories attached, no past or future expectations. Just acceptance for the very different, unique people you each are with a blessed understanding that within each allowance of that natural flow, you create greater experience and growth, with less suffering to the self and ultimately others.

Nici Gorman


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