Challenges of awakening.

You have not failed. You cannot.
Awakening to the truth of all not being as it seems, is painful.

Yes it is exciting and interesting at first. But the real challenge comes when you become aware first hand of how your new perspectives deeply affect you and the layers of conditioning you yourself are shedding.

Every soul who awakens to their inner truth has this challenge. The seeker of truth laid bare by the very truth that they seek. And within this bare truth lays the pain.

How do you live in the here and now with so much of the then, and when and where and knowledge that you have discovered within.

The answer is simple balance. Not so simple when you are up to your eyes trying to understand all this newly remembered ‘stuff’ but balance is all that is needed.

We hear this saying alot. ‘Take what sits with you, and leave the rest’ and it is so true. More true than you realise.

While something makes sense, run with it. If it feels great and fun and interesting- go for it. Just Listen to you first and foremost. Listen to those little moments of feeling something isn’t sitting quite right. Realise that maybe you have worked on what you needed to right now and that you can revisit it at another time.

Accept that life gets busy and hectic or slow and calm. It’s the natural yin and yang of life energy. We do not have to be all or nothing. We can be a little of what brings us joy and happiness and leave the rest. We can choose to do that and it is authentic and right to do so!

Life is not a race. It’s not a destination. It’s the journey that makes the difference. Make a difference in your own journey by accepting the balance that is needed in all elements of life. The reflective times along side the active.

The more you strip away the you, you thought you were, the more you must naturally evolve and reassess what you are remembering of yourself.

Don’t be so hard on yourself. It is all for good reason and all for your greater good, even if you fail to see that now.

Nici Gorman


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