Feminine Energy


The soft curves of the woman, Such power within her body.

Harnessing the fertile energy within the soft and smooth belly.
The hardness of her shoulders, strength  taking on and carrying all that is essential to her work.

Soft and gentle arms for embracing everything within her and around her.

Her long neck, holding grace and beauty to speak her truth with a calm and focused voice.

Her ever changing body, flexible and strong. Supple and soft, landscaping her path ahead. Forging forward in her own self.

Feet secure and rooted with her muscular legs to hold her and keep her. Such power in her hips and thighs to achieve any and all that is required yet soft and gentle in her appearance.

Her mind and heart. Fierce and loyal. Logical but open.
Her energy. Wild and strong. Stronger than is known. Flexible and ever bending like a firmly rooted tree.

Embrace this softness. This gentle but firm energy within. Soft is not weak. Soft is malleable. Flexible. Unbreakable.

Gbaya women embrace you now. Into the fold of the time of woman. A new fertile energy of awakening you through the feminine energy within.

Seek the answers, it is all within the belly fire you can harness now. 

Nici Gorman


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