Conversations with the self. Feminine power. Not feminist power.

Some of the information I have been channelling recently is uncomfortable for me. It is world’s apart from what I have been taught and conditioned to believe and therefore I have had a real battle within about letting that voice be heard. However, I cannot hide from what is being given and it is not right or true to do so. As much as the discomfort rises within, with it comes strength to be real and to let these words be heard, no matter how much they make me feel the need to hide. I am only hiding from myself after all!! The piece below is a guides response to some questions I have been having within, about the feminine energies building at this time. ❤❤

The awakening of the feminine is not in competition with the masculine. Such power struggles exist only in the ego.

Woman’s inherent inner wisdom has for centuries been the voice of compassion and love. As such it is now handed to the wise women of earth to again show the way of the heart space.

The future of Mother Earth depends on our ability to rise as phoenix from the flames into a new beautiful light of feminine power. Mother earth is mother for reason. She cares for and keeps all. She lovingly grows all that is needed.

It therefore is only natural for the feminine to be the return that is needed to care for, keep and grow mother earth back to her former power and glory.

Who better than to harness this energy but the women of the world? Sisters in their power and wisdom have forever been revered and honoured as the wonder of creative energy.

Brothers have their own journey within the feminine energy. Embracing and accepting a return to the old ways of women.

So much conditioning in how masculine need behave that man themselves have lost their balance. It is a time now to embrace the woman for all that she can teach and nurture. It is time now for man to allow and embrace the woman for the balance they provide to the core of all that is needed.

It is the simple act of balance being restored. It is not to be fought against or competed with, although some will try. It is to be acknowledged and accepted into the fold.

Brothers and sisters of the heart working together for the good of all, instead of in a fight against their differences and inherent strengths. Both are required in perfect balance and that time of balance is returning.

Nici Gorman


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