Raw. A word that keeps showing itself recently. And as such, one that requires some reflection.

Raw can mean many things dependant on the context it’s used in but it all boils down to the same theme.

Unprocessed, organic, 100% real, no flavourings or spices. Unpackaged.

And this is something I myself have been feeling the need to be.

100% me. No added airs and graces When I speak. Just personal truth.

As another layer of the mask I hold for society falls away, I am embracing all that makes me, me. My body, my heart, my mind, my soul. Me.

This doesn’t mean doing away with being kind or compassionate. But it does mean being kind and compassionate to ME first.

It means not dressing something up to suit another, instead knowing, that if you are true to your own self and heart, that there is no need to dress it up.

Not processing every tiny thing and instead, flowing more naturally with what is felt and known within.

And with this comes the inner work of trust and love of the self. Forgiveness for the hurt and pain I cause myself. Kindness and understanding for my ways and acceptance that I will lie to myself to keep my ego happy, knowing that I am becoming ready now to release that need to process and package myself into a box that fits others needs.

You cannot know what someone else wants or expects from you. You can only presume to know. You can only guess another expectations. This requires so much guess work and game playing and frankly it is exhausting and those have their own work to do also!

So decide not to play the game. Decide to be frank. Honest. Raw and true to you. The rest will be thankful for it as they will know where THEY stand better!

We are all working on ourselves in every moment so try to stop being so hard on yourself.

The beauty and power possessed in each of us is ours and ours alone to learn to harness to our own strengths. And believe me, you are strong. You are raw. You are beautiful and you are powerful.

Try just accepting and embracing your own love and self worth once a day. Say no to others if you feel. Speak truthfully and from the heart and passion of your gut. Write yourself a letter from the heart of all the things you wish you were. Then see how actually, you are all of those things and more. The power is inside you.

Be raw. Be wild and above all?
Be you.

Nici Gorman


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