Equal opportunities to be you!


People say that men and women should be equal. However this cannot and should not be so. Before you grab the pitch forks & light the fires, let me explain.

Before we incarnated here we would have chosen who we would be. If there is no difference in men and women, why would we choose one over the other? Why would it make any difference?

It makes a difference becaise our soul journey this time was chosen with specific experiences to learn. As a man I could never have experienced the powerful experience of childbirth. The bond of mother and child.

I could never have experienced womanly passion or vulnerability. I could never have experienced many of the situations I have, had I been born a man.

Some of those experiences sucked and wouldn’t have happened in the same way had I been a man, but they brought me to the strong person I am now so we’re just as needed and important as the more pleasurable ones.

A woman’s vulnerable beauty is a wonderful thing. It is an experience to embrace and behold in both hands and with arms outstretched.

I may seem biased on this however, I cannot speak for men and shouldn’t try as their experiences are world’s apart from a woman’s. How they think, feel, express. Their own struggles and situations that they deem to be a weakness. It is not for me to comment on, as a woman.

I also cannot speak for all women. But I can speak my truth for myself. And that is what I shall continue to do.

I chose to be a female on this incarnation and I feel their is purpose to that. As soul sparks, we choose to incarnate for experience and growth. How can I fully experience and grow unless I embrace all that this human body and life has for me.

So yes, it is important that women be treated with equal respect. I am thankful for those who gave all to ensure women could have a more equal footing and allow their voices to be heard. But I do not wish to be equal to men. I am equal to all and different all at once.

I am me and a woman. Women have strengths that men do not. Men have strengths that women do not. That is the point. The two together, bring the balance. So while we continue to fight for equal basic rights which I believe to be highly important, I also wish that we do not continue to lose the beautiful energy that we as women can bring to life in general.

I hope for a return to respecting women for all they can bring, as women. Not as being able to do anything a man can. Not in competition, but in balance to each others strengths. As a team. As humans with very different helpful tendencies.

There should be equal opportunities to be ourselves in all our glory. A women with inherent strengths. A men with inherent strengths. Balanced and beautiful together instead of against.

Nici Gorman


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