Being an Empath.

I firmly believe that ALL humans and animals are empaths. Some Animals in particular are hugely in touch with their empathic nature. Cows, horses, elephants. These animals connect and pick up on the other animals in their family and mourn their deaths in extraordinary ways.

I also feel every human is empathic at their core. We are all energy and as such are all connected to that energy in many ways.

Some people however, are highly empathic and connect very deeply to others energy.

I’ve seen a massive amount of quotes and memes about empaths being shared recently and as lovely as they are, they can also be dangerous. How can a quote be dangerous? It can be dangerous when it gives you permission to become a victim to a part of yourself that is as natural as breathing.

Those who become heavily aware of their empathic nature’s can become very confused about the seemingly sudden awakening of these abilities to feel others energies. To connect to anothers emotions and fears. It can be difficult to feel so very deeply. But it is a blessing and one you can use and control just like any other ability. You do not have to lay down and accept that you take on others emotions. You have a choice in how you use your empathic ability.

I’m sharing some particular quotes as they were shared to a group I help run and I’d like to go through them step by step and show how being an Empath is a skill to grow and experience, not a bad thing.


This quote is a better one out of some I’ve seen. When you are in touch with your empathic nature, awakened to the ability to feel, which by the way we are all being awakened to, in this time of feminine energy, it can indeed become harder to watch TV and films! But the point I need to make is that this is happening for a reason! You are tuned in to the energy of shedding falsity. And within that you become accutely aware of the lies and conditioning being used via TV, media, film making. This is an opportunity to re balance your own view of what information you allow yourself to be conditioned by. And it is ultimately putting the choice back into YOUR hands as to what you choose to allow into your energy. I stopped watching TV a long time ago now. I don’t watch the news, I don’t watch TV series. I watch films that are feel good and emotional. I choose! I am no longer a slave, chained to the TV and radio for my constant conditioning. You have that choice too and if watching particular things feel unbearable- it’s because you are being given new choice and freedom to not allow that damaging stuff into your beautiful energy.

‘I know your feelings better than you do’ I dislike this part of the quote for an important reason. This is ego talking. No one knows another better than themselves. We all have a unique and completely individual perspective of the reality we create around us and as such, we can only ever presume to understand anothers energy in a snapshot of time and space. Empaths connect to energy and feeling. Energy does not lie and as such we have the ability to help others to become more true to their own energy. But this does not mean we know their feelings better than them. It means we have the opportunity to help them should they wish it.

I know when you lie. Energy doesn’t lie and therefore, when a persons words or actions do not match the energy they are emitting, yes it means we intuitively can feel that unbalance. However!! There is a lesson in personal responsibility here. Just because you connect to that misalignment does not mean it is yours to bring to the surface. Each person is on their own path with their own lessons and growth. To know another is lying is just to know they are lying to themselves. That is not yours to own nor does it need to be.

Solitude and order. This is so true but not for the victim reasons I feel this quote shows it to be. You need solitude and order to better know yourself and your own energy. In doing so, you are better able to understand your empathic abilities and better use them to your power and strengths.

The point I’m trying to make here is that you are in charge of your energy and how you allow it to be used. You have become of your empathic abilities for a reason. It doesn’t need to be a life sentence of pain, depression or upset. You do not have to take on others emotions. you have a choice and I feel some of these quotes circulating are just another wave of conditioning to make you believe you are a victim to your own energy instead of a power within your soul. The quote below upset me in a strong way. Because it screams to me that you need to just accept that you have this and cope with it. That is not why you have awakened to the empathy within!! You have awakened to it to push forward with the breaking free of the chains of conditioning that keep you locked in fear!!


Note the underlined word. ABSORB.
yes this quote is correct. Every single person you interact with, you connect to their energy and create cords of energy between the two of you. But my point here is that you do not have to absorb another energy.

You have a choice and this quote does not mention that!!

The empathic nature of us all means that we must learn, first and foremost, our own energy. Our own power. By sitting in your own energy in the solitude and quiet, you become intimately aware of how you feel at all times. In doing so, when you do then encounter someone else’s energy, you recognise that it does not belong to you!! You can then quickly and easily cut those cords of energy, or cleanse that energy and ask it to go back to where it belongs OR go into mother earth to be transmuted into light.

This is the point. YOU must know yourself most deeply. We are not victims. It is not a sin to feel so very deeply. it is a beautiful ability that can be used and harnessed. And the entire point of it? To know thyself and thus to know all. You do NOT have to absorb and take on other people’s stuff. You have a choice. But to really accept that choice you must learn to know your own self better. By knowing your own self better & loving all facets of you, you can better help yourself and others.

Being an Empath is a beautiful thing to grow with and to strengthen from. Please don’t allow these sorts of quotes to give you an excuse to just say, I’m an Empath so it has to be this way. That is conditioning of the highest level. You are an Empath and as such, you have a beautiful ability to help yourself give love and receive love. The feminine energy is about re balance and renewal and LOVE. not pain and suffering and coping.

Be in your power, stop allowing others words to take that power from you. (Even these)


Nici Gorman


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