Ask and you shall receive.

Ask and you shall receive.

This is not strictly true. To ask is to suggest you need permission to receive what is already within you.

And that is so much of the problem. So many of you feel you need to receive permission to be you in all your beautiful energy.

So many of you seek approval from all except for the one who you should automatically have the approval of.

You. This is the deepest and best lesson to learn. That you already have all that you require, all that you need and all the approval you could ever imagine. It is all within you and always had been.

So much conditioning to create a world of people who must seek approval. Who must seek permission. Who must abide by anothers view.

The only view that matters is your own.
The only permission you need seek is your own battle between your heart and head. The soul and ego.

The only approval you need to accept and seek out, is that of your own self.

And once you embrace this, you woll see. You already have approval! You need not seek it elsewhere! You need not even seek it from the self!

You are you in all your power but you have been conditioned and disabled into a box of control.

How can you need approval to be the you, you set out to be? It is not approval you need. It is acceptance.

Acceptance that you are perfect as you are. Acceptance that this body was chosen by you for all it can teach and achieve. Acceptance that you are all that you need to be, if only you would stop fighting the powerful being of light that you are.

Acceptance that what you fear, is not approval or support or permission.

What you fear is how much inner strength and energy there is within you.

What you fear is success, not failure.

You are conditioned to not want to be successful. 

Conditioned to fight an invisible fight with your own self!

Break out of the confines of the box you have outgrown. Rise up from the oppression that weighs you down.

How do you do this I hear you ask.

It is simple. The simplest of all things.

Just be you.
Say yes.
Love fiercely.
Follow your joy.
Dance to the beat of your own song. You are the only one in a world full of only ones.
Only you can accept that you, are you and stand in that.

The messy, human, beautiful soul that you are. Embrace you and see the layers of fear, permission, approval melt away.

Stand in the energy of who you are and face all that you fear.
The fear is within.
The battle is within.

The answer?

Is within.

Nici Gorman


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