Giving yourself permission.

I’ve been inadvertently taking a break from writing the last few weeks. There has been so much going on that I’ve needed to be present in the more everyday of life and with that comes natural breaks from elements of spiritual work, so my writing guides stepped back knowing that I will pick up my writing again once I feel refreshed and renewed. I have such a beautiful group of guides and loved one’s in spirit and they know me better than I know myself!

This weekend I had the pleasure of attending my first ever festival. I’ve not been camping since I was a child and the idea of it was terrifying and exciting all at once! My wonderful friend Natalie and I were asked to contribute as readers at the festival so it was an offer not to be refused.


I’ve been asked to do events and such, a fair amount over the past year, but my automatic response is so often no. I’ve been doing a lot of work with that and getting deep into the core of why this is. So this has led to me saying yes to myself a lot more the past few months and it has led to some beautiful new connections and truly profound experiences that I’ve been blessed to have.

The festival was immense and I am so proud of myself for standing in my own self worth and love and giving myself that permission to be me. Truly myself without expectation or fear.

This is one of the hardest things to work through for so many. Self belief and self love.

Giving yourself permission to say yes to your dreams, goals and ideas.

Embracing your own energy exactly as it is in this moment, without judgement. Just witnessing the beauty of your own self.

Until this weekend? The above is something I would recoil at. I know I come across to others as confident, grounded and self assured, but until recently that was the furthest from my own truth and I degraded and belittled myself for not being able to be fully authentically me.

After we had set up our pitches, Natalie and I sat on the ground, on mother earth’s lush green fields and just smiled. We both sat there in silent company embracing this moment. Another first that would not have occurred if we hadn’t given ourselves permission to believe in ourselves.

And that is what so much in life comes down to. It’s not others or difficulties put in our paths. It’s ourselves we block ourselves in so much. Just allowing yourself to believe in YOU. To have faith in YOU.

I have experienced a deep understanding this weekend. Many ah ha moments that were so needed and very welcomed. I have sung my own heart song from my soul. I have clapped and chanted around the fire. I have embraced the healing vibration of the gongs. I have said yes to things I never would have a few days ago. Last night we said yes to a deep and truly awakening trance and shamanic event. We sat in the energy, we cried with the songs of the shaman that spoke to our heart centres. I embraced the awakening and healing of my solar plexus and felt it heal. Actually felt it physically and spiritually. It was intense and beautiful and powerful.

Today I have had the honour of attending an ecstatic awakening dance workshop. I shook my emotions through my body. I swayed and healed and dropped completely into my own self. I Danced MY dance and witnessed my own self in all her beautiful energy.

I have connected with other like minded souls in ways I have only dreamt of. I have remembered how much I love to share. Sharing my truth and my story.

All of these things were made possible with one simple thing.

I gave myself permission.

There is such a big world out there to experience and connect to. Imagine where you could you go if you could just say yes to your inner, authentic self. 

Give yourself permission to believe in you. You never know where it will take you ❤ Dream on. Reach for the stars and keep going


Nici Gorman


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