Life is for living.

Do you really think that you incarnated here to spend your entire life in one little town, with the same people, places, experiences?

Maybe you did. Maybe that was your plan. But does it seem likely?

You are here to experience. To soak it all up. The ups and downs. The beautiful and ugly nature of a human existence.

You are one person currently incarnated, out of over 7 billion.

Spread across the vast mother earth. In towns and villages. In cities and metropolitan wonders. In fields and forests and deserts.

You are here to grow.

How do I know this? Because you feel a pull to explore outside of yourself. You feel the urge to push boundaries and to move forward.

Say yes!
Say yes to stepping out of your comfort zone.
Say yes to opportunities.
Say yes to yourself.
Say yes to that inner urge to explore that feeling of ‘more’ being out there.

There are over 7 billion other people incarnated with you. Each has a story to share, a life to experience and a journey to take.

Take control of your journey.
Take ownership of your steps .
Take yourself wherever you wish to go.

Let go of the idea that you are stuck where you are.


Nici Gorman


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