Light returns

I sit here in the last of the light, in the silence.
In the quiet and restful slumber of night.
Mother moon cannot be seen with my eyes but I feel her pull regardless.

So I sit. In the silence. In the calm. In the increasing darkness.

I welcome the dark and restful shadow of night.

And so we turn. The sun rises, bringing with her new light. Hopes and dreams and wonderful promises of a fresh new day. 

The ever changing cycle of the day following night reminds me. The action and the reflection. The doing and resting. Ever turning, ever changing, ever moving.

So as I sit here in the dark. The quiet and the peaceful night, I remember that as surely as my next breath, I am changing. I am moving. I am infinite as the very moon and sun.

There is no need to dwell here. The night will come and the moon shall rise, as surely as the day will break and the sun shall be reborn.

And that’s it. We are reborn, every moment, nothing like the one before it. What miracles we are! And yet we waste so much of it, never really stopping to see how far we have come, how far we will go and how beautiful we are. Just in this very moment.

I know times can be hard. But they can also be beautiful. I know life can be cruel but it can also be serene.

For as many hard moments you have, the light shall return. Day will follow night and both continue on. When the moon is shining bright above you, in your time of rest and reflection, the sun surely blazes down in another place. On another being, with their face turned up to its healing rays.

We are not so different you and I, we are just in our own moments. In our own cycle, in our own place.

Turn your face to the skies. Breathe it all in for a moment, because every moment can be savoured, loved, and enjoyed. Even the hard moments, because as sure as the sun follows the moon and the moon follows the sun, light returns.

Nici Gorman


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