The reset button on life.


Recommit, renew, reset.


To reset is not to delete or wipe away experiences. It is to re- set in place the values, intentions and balance that have come from those experiences.

Say you fall and break your arm. It is essential to set that arm into correct alignment and then allow the healing to occur. This takes time and patience. It can be uncomfortable, painful, itchy. Like an itch you can’t scratch! But none the less, you can physically see that the arm needs to be set into correct position to realign with other bones. Without this vital realignment, what would happen? Your arm would no longer function correctly. It would be weak, floppy, sore and unusable.

How is it that we cannot see that our energetic selves fall into this same category. How is it that when we energetically have a fall, that we feel the need to continue blindly on. Not stopping to realign ourselves with our path. With our truths.

Just as with the broken bone, things will heal slightly differently. But with care and patience and building forward slowly, in time, it can grow strong, secure and stable.

When we are that broken bone, we must take the time to reset. To set ourselves into a position of healing. We must recommit to our inner truths. We must take the time to renew our commitments towards what we wish to receive and welcome in.

Within that renewal, we become stronger, wiser, more secure in our own moments. We allow that healing to reset us to where we need to be, after the fall and all that has been learnt.

And the fall itself is important! When we break a bone, it teaches us important lessons. Just as when we fall energetically, spiritually or mentally.

There is always something to be experienced. To grow from. You can choose to grow and then realign to a newer version of yourself. That is ultimately the aim. To realign closer and truer to who you really truly are. The fall helps you to do this, if you choose to allow it.

There may be outside influences, there always are. But how we choose to approach the new situations presented, are always from an inner influence. An inner choice. Choose to Reset. Choose to heal. Choose to realign and re commit. Choose to forgive, forgiving yourself most importantly.


Nici Gorman


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