The hardest part of experience isn’t the getting on with it. It isn’t the emotions or the hard done by or the blaming others.

The hardest bit can be forgiving yourself.

Forgiving yourself for not knowing what you didn’t know, before you learned it.

Giving yourself permission to embrace all of you.
Giving yourself permission to forgive yourself.


Accepting the light and the dark.
Accepting the good and the not so good.
Accepting change and allowing it to flow.

When you forgive yourself, you forgive others. It’s automatic as you are no longer holding onto the whys and the when’s and the unanswered. You forgive you. You let yourself be.

The quickest way to a rocky road is to be hard on yourself. By all means listen to your self. By all means learn from situations. Just don’t hold on to it so tight that you end up burning your own hands.

Sometimes, all times, the best thing you can do? Is to let go.

Let go of blame
Let go of fear
Let go of self depreciation
Let go of attachments
Let go of the need to be heard
Let go of the need to be understood
Let go of anger.


This is forgiveness. This is love. This is beauty in its purest form.

Forgive yourself and you forgive all.
Let go and free yourself from the confines of the past.

Nici Gorman


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