One song.


Saw something today that tied in beautifully with my post from yesterday about saying no.

Uni- one.
Verse- song.

One song. Woah.

Within each lifetime that we incarnate, we have only one song to sing. Our own. We hear many other songs and we may even learn the words, the beat, the music. But as much as we may enjoy those other songs….they are not our own.

We can witness those songs. We can enjoy them, but the most dangerous thing we can do to ourselves is to take on that other song,  as belonging to us.

It’s a hard one I know. You hear someone else’s ‘song’ and you think, woah that’s amazing. That’s beautiful. I want to sing that too! So you follow along and you slowly learn the beat first. Then you get to know the rythmn. Then the words. And you suddenly know the words off by heart, as if written for you and they make complete sense! It’s like you were meant to hear that song and get to know it and become it….

But it’s not your song. It’s not your beat. It’s only your interpretation of the song. It’s your perception of the words and what they mean to you.

And then, you share what you KNOW that song is about and discover that actually, the author of that song had completely different emotions around the words they used. The words meant something very different.

If you haven’t guessed yet, your song? Is you and their song? Is them!

They will perceive and experience this reality exactly how they need to and that will never be how you perceive this reality. You can follow along, but it’s not truly yours to hold and become.

Each of us has a song. One song. Find yours within your heart. It exists within you, not outside of you.

Your song compliments other songs.
Your song beats in tune to many.
All of our songs beat in unison with each other.

But when you try to learn the steps of someone else’s? The rythmn will always be slightly off. The tune will be not quite right. For you.

We are all one song, one universe. And each persons individual song, is a piece in the most beautiful orchestra!

But If we all played the piano and no one stepped in with the violin? If we all played one piece without ever adding our own unique piece to the music?

You need each and every instrument, playing unique parts to make a truly beautiful piece of music. Each are their own song in themselves, making up the most awe inspiring piece of united music.

Play your own song, in harmony with others songs. That is how beautiful music becomes.

One song. Universe.

Find your beat and play it!
Find your voice and use it!
Sing your own unique and beautiful song for all that you are.

Because you are the only person who can. 

Nici Gorman


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