Heavy energy!!

The energy is pretty pants right now isn’t it!!

Some may attribute it to the new moon but for me, it’s more than that.

We have entered into an important time of planetary alignment and energetic alignment and with this comes the shedding of so so much!

You are being asked to take some real honest looks in the mirror and at those relationships reflected back in that mirror too.

First, relationships of all kinds. This is hard, but it’s basically the universe saying, hey you! Look at all these connections you have been making. So many connections, like spinning plates in the air. How many are spinning well? How many are gonna fall and smash? How many do you need to keep spinning. Are you enjoying spinning each one? Or has it been up there spinning for so long that you just kinda feel you need to keep it going.

You can see where I’m going with the spinning plates. It’s time to put some down. Time to let some fall away. Time to pack a few away and send them off to the charity shop for someone else to find and be blessed and happy to have found those ‘plates’ to love!

And for those of us not able to see we are spinning too many plates? Well, those plates will get the nudge they need for your highest good and for theirs too!

It’s a time of letting sh*t go. Letting it be and moving forward. Sure, reflect and release and grow- that is something that will happen as sure as the sun will rise, but then? Let it go!! Move on.

The real reason so many are feeling so weighed down, isn’t from others energy necessarily, but from their own inability to let things go, before they turn toxic.

And toxic it will turn. We know our thoughts, feelings and intuition but have a human tendency to grab a hold of anything and just keep holding on, usually to the detriment of ourselves. This behaviour then becomes addictive and we change into unrecognisable versions of ourselves, feeding the fear and the upset that we have the option to just let go of.

Let it go!

Again, within this time the other element to take an honest and frankly brutal look at, is ourselves.

Experiences will keep replaying until you have accepted, embraced and grown from what you need to. So if a situation around you feels like deja vu? Take a look at how YOU are behaving. Not the other person, they need to do their own thing. Look inwards to yourself. Look honestly at what you need to learn from the experience instead of living in a victim mentality. If something keeps reoccurring, surely the one key factor in that is the person in the middle of it all. And that person? Is you.

This is one of the hardest of things to work through but it is vital and essential to growth if you so choose and wish to grow into yourself more.

It’s not about self blame or self detriment. It’s about an honest look at how you have dealt with things in the past and choosing to open to a new perspective of yourself. Choosing to continue learning and growing, no matter your age or experience.

Continued growth is called that for a reason. It never stops, and those that feel they’ve done their growing? Are those who will struggle in this time of letting stuff go.

We are all shedding un needed, un wanted and un welcome connections at this time, and it must include versions of the self within that too, that we have outgrown.

Resistance is futile beautiful ones! So be gentle, loving, accepting and embracing at this time.

Much love as always!

Nici Gorman


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