Who are you?

I am currently reading a wonderful book called ‘The Untethered Soul’ by Michael A Singer. it’s hitting some really deep and wonderful thoughts within!! 

To thine own self be true.

But who are you?

I am Nici. But is that who I am?
I am a mother. But is that who I am?
I am a wife. But is that who I am?

My name is Nici, I have 4 children and I have a husband called Pete.

Am I my name? Or the amount of children I have? Or the person I love?

Who are you? Are you a collection of letters arranged in a particular way to create a name?

A name is a label, mother, wife, labels.

Who are YOU?

This is one of the most important questions we can ask ourselves and one of the hardest to answer. When asked who are you, how many of us will immediately give the person our name, occupation, likes, dislikes, upbringing, religion, relationships…..

All of these things are facts of areas in life that you have experienced. But who experienced them? Who are you?

Which are you? Are you the 7 year old Nici? The 20 year old when you became a mother? The 13 year old who’s life changed when she lost a parent? The 33 year old looking back at you in the mirror? Which version of you is you? Who experienced all of these versions of you?

Ramana Maharshi a wonderful yogic teacher, asked some very simple but massive questions.

Who sees when you see?
Who hears when you hear?
Who watches your dreams?
Who looks at the image in the mirror?

You are not the labels you assign yourself. You are the conscious being experiencing all. Aware of all, hearing, seeing and witnessing all. In the silence, who witnesses there is a silence to experience? You are not your body, that is the object you are not the weight of your body, you are not the blonde hair or the blue eyes, these are characteristics of this body. So who are you?

Who are you?

Nici Gorman


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