Full moon release.

After doing readings on Sunday at a fayre, I noticed that many of the readings called for people to release under the full moon this week. I do this every month but it seemed really important to share that with others and hope they would follow suit of letting go of those old and unresolved issues. Having looked at the information and guidance about this month’s moon, I understand why.

Last night I found myself asking spirit what I could do to help guide others in this. These were the words given and not only do these words resonate deeply within me, but they are there to guide many others too. Thankyou ❤

Beautiful full and flowing moon.
Thankyou for your energy.

Your pull to let go of that which I am ready to release.

I am ready to release my need for recognition, for I recognise within me all that I need.

I release my fear of success, for I am successful in my very existence.

I release my worries of opinion, for the opinion of others is not where my intentions need sit.

I let go of those that no longer walk alongside me, knowing it is right to do so.

I release my need to follow others, for I follow the only path I can, my own.

Release, re commit, reconnect, reset.

And so it is!

Nici Gorman


One thought on “Full moon release.

  1. Wow! Doing some work on this myself this month & was looking for something to strengthen it as the moon fades in our skies over the next couple of weeks. So thank you! Talk about being told I’ll send you teaching; seek the teacher & they shall present themselves, indeed! Thanks Nici!

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