Past life regression workshop

I went to a wonderful workshop on Saturday and it has bought about some profound changes and released some major blocks in my solar plexus.

Sometimes we are not ready to release issues purely because we aren’t ready. Situations have not panned out to a certain point yet, for us to be able to make sense of issues from a detached place of understanding.

The workshop was past life regression and sound healing and it was honestly beautiful. Interestingly though, I felt no need to write anything or take my notebook. I now know that the reason for this was because I was letting go of some important things that have reached their conclusion and therefore did not need to be stored for future reflection.

Within the short regressions I was given the missing information from a particular life, that I have received information about before. Because these were short moments, it was essential snapshots that built a whole picture allowing release.

The reason I hadn’t seen the other information previously now makes complete sense too.

I was able to see the situation in its entirety, from my souls perspective and see what I have brought through to this life. Often, the most healing moment can be to understand. Not to change something or fix something, but to just see it as it is and understand that is the element brought through to this life.

By understanding what happened I have been able to see those issues brought through and worked through in this life. I felt a complete release from my solar plexus. The block I have been trying so hard to get to the bottom of, just needed understanding and a fuller picture from a higher place.

And since Saturday? The change has been instant! I have always been an extremely nervous driver and passenger, which I now know and understand. I drive home without issue. Overtook others on the motorway with ease, music up, chatting away. My friend literally was mind boggled by the instant change, as was I.

I feel like me. I am no longer filled with feelings that belonged to another me. All those issues have gone, by simply understanding where they came from.

It’s been a profound experience!

I’ve had regressions a few times now, but I knew that it needed to be the right person guiding me and the right circumstances for this to be opened up. Thankfully Rachael Setford never fails to be that person & is not only brilliant at what she does, but is a great friend too. Thankyou Rachael for offering your abilities to others and getting this out there.

Nici Gorman


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