Time to realign.

There has been very little in the way of channelled work on this blog for a while now. I had spent some time thinking I had done something wrong, or that my guides maybe didn’t want to speak to me anymore, but no.

As usual that is ego getting in the way and reminding us that we are very human with human emotions and worries. Guides are just not that way inclined. It’s not a like or dislike, they work from pure unconditional love so where could there possibly be room, or thought, for a guide not wishing to support, speak to and guide you?

Exactly. So what is it about. It’s about energy. It’s about taking the time to work.

When I first began channelling it was not a controlled thing. If someone had something to say, I just had to write. No matter what I was doing I had to stop and get this information written down.

That has evolved over time with me asking questions and receiving answers. The answers didn’t always come at the ‘right’ times, but they came.

I am forever reminding people that you need to view spirit communication as a telephone, you at one end and spirit at the other, if you don’t speak? They’re going to hang up. One of the simplest things I was taught was to ASK. Ask questions, speak to them. Wait for the replies.

Yet I have sat in confusion about why I’m not feeling any channelling vibes. Have I been asking? No. Have I been taking the time to set aside half an hour to practice? No. Have I been sending out the right messages to the universe, asking for divine guidance? No.

Yet I sat there in confusion? Yes! We are a funny bunch us humans. We want so much, often without remembering to put in the work to receive what we wish to experience. We don’t ask and then wonder why we don’t get. As I was pondering get this, funnily enough my guide stepped in to have a chat. I love how my realisations work like that. Her words are below.

Everything you wish is available to you, it is your own walls that confine you.
You are connected to source at all times.
No one is abandoned, no one left behind.
You are all beings of love and beauty how could we choose to abandon that which is of ourselves?
To abandon one soul would be to Abandon every soul.
You see sweet one, you still choose to perceive the whole universe as us and them.
You separate the soul and the human.
You separate the ‘living’ and the ‘dead’
You separate and categorise everything into neat little boxes. Not as much as you once did, you are growing in that respect and in many.
Each of you is growing and experiencing in every moment, we are not the impatient ones tapping our fingernails and huffing in impatient behaviours.

That is you sweet one. You wish to understand that which is not able to be understood, instead of focusing on just experiencing and flowing and working towards joy.

We do not abandon, instead, you go through periods of abandoning your own selves. Just for a little while you decide to not ask spirit for advice. Just for a little while you decide it’s too much work or you do not have time. Again, categorising and limiting in its very nature. If you do not have time you will never have time. It’s merely a control concept to keep all, ticking to the same beat of a drum that in truth, does not exist.

We do not ever leave you. We are here. In the background, working alongside you and guiding you, just as you asked us to, so long ago.

Many of you are going through this feeling of abandon at this time. And as such many are choosing to see it as something they have done wrong, instead of realising that during this energy change, it is that you can choose to strongly commit to connection. It is always a choice and another that you within your confines must work through.

It is not a test though. The energy is changing because it must. This brings changes in communications, just as how you may lose a radio station as you travel between counties and need to re tune your radio. Do you see now sweet one? Another light bulb pinging?

I love to see within you when that happens. Your cells all working together as one for just a moment as you transcend the mind and allow the soul to be felt and connected. It is a beautiful thing to witness.

So yes, essentially it is you that must realign to the energies as they change. Some will, others will choose to feel abandoned and lost. Just know this. You are never alone and we are forever by your side, just as you have been in other times for us. We are individual and collective and times are changing, great change for the good of the planet.

Just know that the roller coaster has its ups and downs before arriving back at the station, but regardless, it continues onwards as must you.

Eternal love as always

Nici Gorman


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