Autumn Equinox (2)


Autumn Equinox blessings to you all!

Today is equal day and night. The day of the year when we say goodbye to summer and welcome autumn.

But today is more than just equal day and night. Today is the day of balance. Action and reflection in perfect unison.

You see, in the spring you sowed seeds of intention. Ideas, new beginnings and fresh futures. Today brings a culmination of all that you sowed.

Today you get to Reap what you sowed and reflect as you gather in all that has been experienced and achieved.

After today, we enter a time of reflection instead of action. We enter a time of releasing those dead leaves that only serve to weigh us down and weaken our trunk/core, if we continue to hold onto them. We enter a new energy of slow and steady flow.

To some this time can seem like endings, but in truth it is renewal for times ahead. Think of a rose bush. As the flowers bloom, we enjoy them. As they begin to wither and die, we must deadhead them to ensure we get new growth. We trim and tend to the rose bush, cutting it back so that it remains strong and durable. Ready for new blooms in spring.

We are that rose bush. We must tend to our own garden, deadheading any and all that may cause us disease as it withers and rots away. Releasing all those browning leaves. Letting go and sweeping up the old and leaving ourselves strong for the next season.

Our biggest lessons come from the trees.

It’s roots are deep and strong, the life force unseen underground. Working hard to maintain its infrastructure. It takes a great deal from mother earth, but in balance it gives fruits, flowers, leaves and oxygen. It knows not to keep everything it has made for it is not truly theirs to keep, it is for all and the tree inherently knows that by giving it receives all it needs. It knows to release anything that is making it weak or ill. Allowing rotting branches to fall from its  body, releasing the ripe fruits, releasing the dead leaves. In turn these dead leaves and old fruits provide much for mother earth. Rotting into her ground and providing nutrients and energy to replenish the mother. The tree understands the simple cycle of energy. Energy must flow. It must flow from, through, out and back. Holding onto things blocks that flow and creates dis-ease.

We can learn much from trees in our own lives. If we stop to listen.

In our ‘wisdom’ we have become disconnected from the lessons we can learn from nature. We make the mistake of forgetting that we are a produce of nature and, like the tree and like all living things, we must keep the flow of energy. We greedily think we own it all, “I did the work! Why shouldn’t I hold onto the fruits?”. The balance is mathematically precise, we should never take more than we can process, we should never hold more than we can safely manage and we should never give away more than we have. Luckily, if you listen to your intuition and follow your nature, you are able to learn and take the lessons needed.

So on this day of balance. Of equal things and reflection. Remember the knowledge and wisdom of the tree. Use it’s lessons in your own life and choose how your harvest will progress this autumn.

Equinox blessings to all!

Nici Gorman


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